The Highly Enjoyable Yacht Ride For You In Nassau

Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas is the favorite stopover city for cruise passengers on a Caribbean cruise. History, culture, and commerce, everything comes together to make the city even more attractive. By offering a cruise to discover the Bahamas, the Royal Caribbean International shipping company on its circuit a stopover in Nassau. The trip is on board the giant boat: Oasis of the Seas.

Meet the boat Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the Seas is a floating village of 225,000 tons. It stretches over 362 meters long with a width of 66 meters. The sea giant has 16 passenger decks, subdivided into 2,706 cabins that can accommodate up to 5400 passengers in the double bass. To this figure is added the 2,394 crew members to have the total capacity of the boat. In addition, Oasis of the Seas offers various amenities to ensure guests’ distractions during the trip. They are distributed in the 7 quarters of the ship and include for example a theater, a wellness area, a place dedicated to sports activities, a space to enjoy the sun and even separate spaces dedicated to children and adolescents. As for dining, 25 restaurants are open on board. They all serve delicious dishes with international menus.

To do in Nassau, the time of a stopover cruises

As the first stopover city on the Oasis of the Seas cruise from Fort Lauderdale, Nassau is a must before the boat continues to sail to Charlotte Amalie and Saint Martin. 7 hours are available for passengers to visit the city. You can contemplate the views throught a rent yacht also. The must is to take a stroll to Paradise Island to admire the giant aquariums of the Atlantis hotel. This visit also gives the opportunity to enjoy a public beach located near the hotel. The rest of the time, you can go shopping in the duty-free shops in the city or simply admire the architecture of Nassau by a walk. Otherwise, the visit to the pirate museum is also interesting.

The Advantages

Cruise ships have the advantage of docking very close to the city center of Nassau and therefore the tourist activities of the city. So we advise you to trust your body and arm yourself with good walking shoes to storm the city center located just 5 minutes’ walk from your liner.

If the overwhelming heat of the Bahamas discourages you for a pedestrian discovery, you can opt for a city tour by horse-drawn carriage. You will need to spend around $ 10 for a city walk of no more than 30 minutes.

  • City buses are numerous and are called Jitney. Understand that these are private buses that tourists monopolize at prices sometimes different from one person to another. Do not hesitate to negotiate your rate. However, under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport, drivers are paid only by the money they collect from tourists, which facilitates negotiations.

Another very fun solution for young couples who want to adventure is the scooter rental directly at the exit of the ferry terminal. What is less fun is the rate: $ 35 an hour or $ 100 a day.