Perfect Ring for the Special Day

You’ve found the perfect woman and she said Yes! You’ve put the perfect engagement ring on her finger and now you must find the perfect wedding ring to put on her finger on your wedding day. There is so much to keep in mind. How do you know how to choose?

To set or not to set

One thing to consider is getting a set. You can buy the engagement ring, her band, and his band as one set. Many choose this option when they are certain that the bride will wear both bands side by side. However, for some this price might be tough to handle all at once, so buying bands later is an option. You may choose to find bands that fit well with the engagement ring, or what works for each individual wearing the ring.

Fit it to your life

The band needs to fit your lifestyle, not just the finger. It’s best to pick your band when your body is normal temperature and relaxed. Your finger size will likely change throughout the years, or she will experience swelling at times, such as pregnancy. However, your band needs to be comfortable for the 40 or so years you may be wearing it. It needs to be a style you can enjoy for that many years; however, you can change it or add to it if you like.

Another thing to consider is how user friendly it is. Can you do normal things in it? Try wearing it in the store for a short bit. Try texting, feel how it rubs against your other fingers and your clothing- in case it catches on things. You may also want to choose a metal and style that fits your work, and daily life. You may need something more durable, like stainless steel or titanium, if your job dictates more manual labor.

Other considerations

Other things to consider when shopping for the ring that will signify the new status of your relationship is price, style, and what you can wear.

Before you begin to shop it is a great idea to have an idea of what you want to spend on rings. Simple bands may not cost very much at all, but could range into the thousands. Of course any ring involving precious gemstones may cost more. On average, most people spend around a third of the wedding cost on the rings.

The style should be considered as each bride wants to wear the ring of her dream, but keep in mind that you’re not marrying the ring; it can be changed. Your finances or choices may allow for something different later down the road.

Some people are allergic to certain types of metals. That is a very important thing to keep in mind when selecting rings.

Your wedding day will be special and full of memories, including the moments you slip the rings on each other’s fingers. You want to choose something you adore to show the person you love that you will be wrapped around her finger for the rest of your life, just like the perfect ring.

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