Electric Fencing Equipments- All You Need to Know

What is an electric fence? Actually, it is a system where low voltage electricity is transmitted through the wires for security. This is very much popular on farms and estates. Now, many house owners are also showing interest to install electric fences around their houses. These fences can give great result if installed in a proper way.

 Important Facts You Need to Know

  • If you are planning to install electric fences then buy supplies from a reputed company.
  • Go for supplies that have a manufacturing warranty.
  • Before installing electric fence consult any expert for better guidance.
  • The installation process is easy.
  • The system is affordable and reasonable.
  • Try to properly train your family members and pets before installing electric fences.

Benefits of electric fencing system

  • Any kind of electric fence wire system is strong and long-lasting.
  • There are many types of qualities and products available in the market. You can choose as per your budget.
  • The fences can be customized and designed as per requirement.
  • Energy efficient. If you want to use a solar panel and other renewable energy sources for a more eco-friendly way.
  • Provides proper security.
  • You can install and maintain an electric fence easily.

Parts of an electric fence system

  1. Energizer

This is the main part that supplies the electric in the whole system. Try to purchase an energizer that offers more than your requirement. That will be helpful. Try to install this away from rats and mice.

  1. Wires

An essential part of the electric fencing system. Always use 12.5 gauge galvanized wires for your fences. Never interconnect barbed wires and electric wires. If you have two electric wires in your fence then try to maintain a minimum 22 inches gap between them. Always connect top and bottom wires after half a mile.

  1. Braces

Braces offer support to your electric fences. So, never settle for low-quality products. If you have one wire paddock division you can use lighter braces but if there are more wires, build a good quality brace for safety.

  1. Insulators

Insulators are a key part of the fencing unit.  Nail them to their proper place.

  1. Corner Strainers

You should always use porcelain or plastic strainers in your fencing unit.

  1. Ground rods

Proper installation is a must in this case. Use 6 to 8 feet rods after a 2-meter gap from the energizer. Use clamps and other rods and wires to connect these rods to the energizer. After installation, check if they are grounded properly or not

How to maintain the electric fences?

  • Regularly check your  electric fence supplies
  • Get a regular checkup done by experts.
  • Do regular voltage checks after each season.
  • Winter is a crucial time. So, check the grounding system and other important facts after winter.
  • Regularly change equipment.
  • If you use solar panels then keep them in a sunny place for better service

The electric fencing system is great for energy efficient people. It is also great for farms and estates. It is advised to do detailed market research before going for this security process. That will allow you to get a deeper insight.

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