Can Epilators Cause Ingrown Hair?


Epilators are small hand- held devices that help you to remove hair peacefully. When hair is removed on a subsequent basis and in an effective manner, it can reduce the occurrence of ingrown hair.

Epilator is nothing but a device that helps in removing ingrown hair. Ingrown hairs are the ones that grow at the back of your skin. There are a number of reasons why the same is grown. One of the main causes leading to Ingrown hair is the various hair removal procedures and equipment. In this article, we shall understand whether or not the Epilators cause ingrown hair.

Can Epilators Cause Ingrown Hair?

In most of the cases, an Epilator shall not lead to ingrown hair. However, you have to use it carefully. If you do not, ingrown hair can be caused. In the following ways Ingrown hair can be caused while you are using an epilator:

  • When the hair breaks instead of being pulled out at the time when you are using the product. This may go unnoticed but it is extremely important. Since this hair is first broken, they just grow and sort of curl towards the inward direction. This leads to ingrown hair
  • Another important thing that may make the epilator not work is the fact that your skin might be too loose and it is not possible by the epilator to actually pull the hair around the skin when you are pulling it.

Thus, the above are the two ways in which epilators might not work and may lead to ingrown hairs. But on the positive front, there are ways of preventing the growth of ingrown hairs. I would always suggest you to choose a good brand epilator, here are some options you can find at

Tips to Prevent Ingrown Hair While Using an Epilator:

The following are a few tips that you need to follow when you are using an epilator and want to prevent Ingrown hair:

  • While using the epilator, make sure it is held at a flat way so that it is possible to take all the hair out while you are running through it
  • Also, you need to make sure that the type of epilator is good quality one. If you go for the cheap one then you might end up getting a lot of ingrown hairs
  • You should also ensure that you exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. The process ensures that the skin sheds faster thereby preventing the growth of ingrown hairs
  • You need to always moisturize your skin when you have used an epilator
  • You can also apply tea tree oil to prevent any type of infections just after using an epilator
  • You might also consider shaving your hair just before epilating your skin
  • There are a lot of over the counter medicines that you get and that are helpful in removing the ingrown hairs due to a number of reasons. You should make it a point to apply that so that you do not get the problem of ingrown hair

I hope that the above article has given you a fair idea about ingrown hair and epilating. Although the epilator does not cause the issue of ingrown hair directly, you should take adequate care to avoid the same.

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