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The United Kingdom has become the hub of education as students from around the globe go there in order to get an education because of the excellent educational traditions which dates back to hundreds of years, higher quality of education being taught to students and much more opportunities that await the students. These charming qualities of The Universities of the United Kingdom intrigue the students from around the world to go and get enrolled in one of the finest universities in the UK. Students also prefer the United Kingdom because of the language barriers they will have to face in other countries. Not only this, there are much more facilities like reduced traveling and living expenses that are offered to international students along with the local students which makes it easier for people living abroad to go there and study the subject of their choice.

International students have always helped in promoting awareness about the well-developed educational practices being carried out in the universities of the United Kingdom. In fact, it has been found out through research that the UK is the second most popular place among the students in terms of better and intriguing educational policies. The universities have worked really hard on introducing the English taught courses for the students who have the issue of language. There are even universities that offer bilingual courses in specific fields to promote cultural values from around the world.

The countries that are sending the most students to the United Kingdom for educational purposes include China, India, Nigeria, Malaysia, USA, Hong Kong, Germany, France, the Republic of Ireland and Greece. All of these students coming from diverse cultural backgrounds are welcomed warm-heartedly from the faculty of the university as well as the students of the university which helps the international students in adjusting to the environment more easily and in a faster pace than expected.

People are often concerned about the benefits that their children will get after getting enrolled into the University of the United Kingdom and have the queries like what good would it do to their kids by earning a degree from the United Kingdom. Some of their concerns will be answered in the benefits mentioned below.

Recognition around the World

When students earn a Higher-Educational degree from a University based in the United Kingdom and steps into the professional they would not have to worry about the fact that their degree might not get accepted in the other parts of the world as the degrees rewarded to students are accepted around the world irrespective cultural background and their citizenship. This standard of highly recommendable educational ideals was set by some of the excellent universities that have been there for quite a long time which includes the Oxford and Cambridge but this standard is not limited but it is prevalent around the United Kingdom which could go in your favor when you step in your professional life.

Inexpensive Education

The cost of higher education in the United Kingdom is lower as compared to the universities of the United States which makes it easier for the students around the world to get their hands on quality education. The degrees offered by the United States can cost from around $25,000 to $75,000 per annum whereas the universities and colleges in the United Kingdom charge around £6000 to £7000 per annum.

Also studying in the United Kingdom will reduce your expenses to a great extent as the programs take less time to be completed as compared to the universities of other countries which eventually means that you’ll be spending a lot less on your living and traveling expenses. But the fees that the universities in the United Kingdom charge from the EU students are a lot higher than what is charged from the native students over which several people have raised the issue and councils are being made to take notice of it and do the essential amendments in order to maintain the image and to stay in the spotlight for the international students.

Professional Opportunities

The law in the United Kingdom allows the international student to work along with their studies but with different terms and conditions applying. A student can work up to 20 hours a week when the term is going on whereas, he has the leverage to work full time when the term is off. But these rules may differ from place to place and university to university. It is always better for students to get in touch with their student’s advisor to get the facts right about because it is always better to be safe than sorry while you are residing in a foreign country.

It is recommended to the student to have the finances of the first annum beforehand because students do not always get a job opportunity as soon as they arrive. It takes a little bit of time sometimes to find a job that would help in financing the studies and fulfilling the living expenses of the students.

Grants and Scholarships

It is not feasible for every student to go abroad and study there on self-finance. Finding the right scholarships and grants is the most difficult task for people struggling to reduce their financial expenses. The universities of the United Kingdom offer amazing grants and scholarships for international students depending on their ability and educational background. All you have to do is do some research, work on your analysis and research papers and get in touch with the student advisor of that particular department. If the odds are in your favor you might get a chance to get enrolled in one of the finest university of the United Kingdom regardless of the fact that you couldn’t afford it on your own.

Access to the other European Countries

The friendly relations across Europe allows students and visitors traveling to the United Kingdom to visit other countries without the hassle of getting a visa separately for each state. All you have to do is book yourself a ticket, pack your bags and you are good to go.

Cultural Diversity

The United Kingdom is the homeland to people from diverse cultures ranging from Muslims to the atheist all sharing the same neighbourhoods in a peaceful manner not bothering anybody or causing any type of trouble. The United Kingdom is considered as the home to new traditions and cultures which can prove to be a relief for the international students helping them in adjusting in the foreign environment. Also, they will most definitely find the places to carry out their religious activities without any hindrance from the people of other religions because of the sense of acceptability instilled in others through a friendly environment.

All these facilities may differ from country to country within the United Kingdom as different countries come under different government systems and have different educational criteria respectively. The government of UK undertakes the decisions for England whereas the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland Executives are responsible for the Education system of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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