6 Tips for Getting your Loft Organised

The loft is the place you store the items you no longer need or use in your home. It can get messy and congested because of the items that are continuously piled there. Unorganized loft can easily lead to a fire breakout. Companies like https://www.tmservicesltd.co.uk/why-puck/ are always there for you in case of a fire break out.

These tips will help you organise your loft and get maximum space for storage;

  1. Do an inventory of what you are storing.

Go through everything that you have in your loft and categorise them. Put them in an inventory, i.e. what to keep, what to sell, and what to get rid of.    If you are keeping old clothes, old toys, faulty gadgets, and electronics that you are never going to use, then you are wasting so much space.

You should give away items that you are never going to use to someone else if you feel that they are still useful, or you can throw them to the bin or recycle them.

  1. Take everything down that you don’t plan on keeping

Based on the list from your inventory, start removing items you no longer need. If you are getting rid of old toys, books, clothes, you can consider donating them to charity [if they are in good condition.]

You can recycle the old gadgets and furniture. If you have memory boxes, you can go through them and select which ones you want to get rid of or keep.

For items you want to sell, you can take their pictures and post on social media platforms like Facebook. You can also post the images on websites like eBay and get a buyer.

  1. Establish the amount of space you have

Now that you’ve cleared some of the space you can start to establish how much space you have. Make sure that you leave some space to move around. If you have the idea of the amount of space you have, it will help in transforming your loft because you’ll be able to figure out which item is stored in which space.

  1. Be careful with the items you’re putting back in the loft

Now that your loft is clear be careful with the items that you put back there. Don’t store items that you know you’ll get rid of soon. This will be a wastage of space. Store only items that you’ll need someday or items that mean something to you.

  1. Get the correct storage equipment

Using the right storage equipment can make your loft look neat and organized. Items such as clothes should be stored in plastic boxes. This will prevent them from getting exposed to cold or damp. You can also add shelves to your loft, they’ll add more space, and you’ll place some of the plastic containers on them.

  1. Label everything

You should label every box with the contents in it; this will make searching for some items quick and easy. You can even mark where every item is stored to make finding specific items faster. This will reduce the time you have to spend when you’re looking for something in a hurry.

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