10 Key Reasons to Prefer Blogger over WordPress

Writing blogs is an exciting, entertaining and educational activity. With the passage of time, blogging becomes much bigger than spending free hours. Today, it has become a major source of income for a lot of people around the world.

I started blogging with my hit-and-miss experiments. Of course, it was the blogger at that time, my first love in blogging platforms. Interestingly, it still continues to be my love. Though WordPress did try its best tempt me, and I did get trapped, I quickly realized the value of my first love and returned to it.

In this post, I will reveal the reasons for my still being with Blogger and why you too should prefer Blogger as your main content management service.

1 – It’s Free to Place Google Ads

It’s supported by Google AdSense, which makes it one of the most significant qualities for a professional blogger to earn money. Once you’ve got your AdSense account approved, it’s too simple to add the code into your Blogger’s theme, and you are good to go. In the case of WordPress, it is not a free option. You have to get the pro membership for this purpose, so you have to spend before you can start earning money. This feature of Blogger is the most appealing one for professional bloggers.

2 – Access to Google’s All Services/Products in the Same Account

Google offers many tools, apps and services which are helpful in enhancing your blog and your Gmail account allows you to connect with Google’s all services/products, which saves you a great deal of time.

Once you are logged in to Gmail, you are connected to Google Ads, AdWords, Search Console, G+ and YouTube.

Since WordPress is an open source, you have to set up and log in to different accounts for every service you want to integrate into your blog.

3 – Trouble-Free Editing in Templates and HTML Codes

You may not need to be expert at changing HTML coding in Blogger’s themes. With the availability of ready-made themes, it’s simple to design and modify your website’s appearance. In the case of WordPress, your site can get down if you make errors in HTML coding.

4 – The Best Uptime

When you are a professional and well-known blogger, a huge volume of traffic to your website on WordPress can crash your hosting servers, causing downtime on your website. The increasing traffic indicates that you keep your credit card ready to charge as the need arises to enhance your hosting requirements.

The Blogger offers 99.99% hosting uptime. These platforms is always geared up to deal with such a situation for FREE. Even in case of a sudden spike in traffic, your blog will remain live. Thus, it saves you in terms of money and your traffic and does not let you lose your rankings on search engine result pages.

5 – One Click Backup

Blogger allows you to have the backup of all your published content with just one click. The best part is that the backed up files are cross-platform, so you can import the files to other CMS including WordPress.

6 – Google’s Own Product

Blogger is the brainchild of Google, and Google dominates the industry of search engines. To facilitate its users, Google keeps strives to develop its products further. Thus, Blogger is in process of continuous development, making things easier for bloggers.

7 – The Most Safe & Secure CMS

Blogger is far more secure than WordPress. One can’t attack blogs on Blogger via a database, as it does not rely on third-party plug-ins. Its two-step verification procedure ensures the best safety measures to the blogs and content.

Since WordPress depends on third-party plug-ins, it is extremely vulnerable to hacking attempts.

8 – Automatic and Fast Indexing

As a blogger, getting organic traffic in bulk is the basic purpose and it does not happen until your blog gets indexed, and Blogger indexes blogs automatically. On top of all, it does so very fast.

Quick indexing plays a vital role in increasing your domain authority and bringing traffic. It also helps you optimise your website for better rankings. You are not that lucky in the case of WordPress. You have to make manual efforts to get your site indexed.

9 – Efficient & Free Spam Filter

On a WordPress blog, you can install third-party plug-ins to prevent spam. Most of them work well but to a certain extent. For efficient spam filtering, you are required to pay for advanced options.

On the other hand, Blogger has an inbuilt spam-filtering system that can filter spam automatically. The best part is that you do not need to make effort for the installation of spam filters on Blogger.

10 – Blogger Community

It has the largest community, which is also officially supported Google personnel. You can find tens of millions of bloggers, who will help you deal with your blogging issues eagerly. Other than Google’s own community, a random search on Google will result in a myriad of blogging forums and communities. There is an endless provision of “How to tutorials”.

Final Words

On the whole, we can see that Blogger is less technical to use, has better uptime and spam filtration. On top of all, it is a product of the most renowned and stable company in information technology.

I hope you can see why, when and where Blogger is a better CMS choice. Here I’m not asking you to stop using WordPress. It is also a good platform and outshines Blogger for certain blogging niches. Go with your blogging experiments and find out which one is your love, just like I have found my love.

Did you like my reasons and this post? Have I missed something in this post? Please, do let me know your feedback, as it will help me and my blog, readers, to get more reading value. Moreover, please, share this post on your social media accounts, as it helps in the growth of my blog. Believe me, your sharing on social media and feedback are always important, so don’t ignore the use of power you possess.

Happy Blogging

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