Trendy Interior Design Tips for Condos In 2018

What may be popular now can soon but out of style as interior design tastes change from year-to-year as people grow tired of seeing oversaturated designs. If you’re looking to perform a redesign of a room in your home and want to stay on top of the latest trends, take a quick look at these trends on the way out and those that are replacing them.

Stainless Steel Kitchens – Out

Often described as looking like a chemistry lab with its stainless-steel counters, appliances, and fixtures, these lab-like kitchens are on the way out of fashion. People are tired of seeing the sterile conditions in a room that is supposed to invite warmth into the home. Interior designers are starting to incorporate more color into their kitchen designs. Even some appliance manufacturers like Bluestar offer 750 different colors for their products. There’s so much color to choose from when designing a kitchen now because people are treating them more like living rooms.

Earth Pastels – IN

Those moody and dark shades of grey appear to be on the way out in the design world. The smoky color scheme has been popular ever since the Fifty Shades of Gray movie appeared in theaters, but the dark color scheme is finally losing its luster. People are moving towards pastels and gentle colors for their living spaces. Wood-finishes are also growing in popularity due to their natural feel and texture. Earthy tones appear to be dominating designs in 2018 as people shed the sterile look of a mixture of gray. You’ll still find hints of it with white in many designs, but it is no longer the dominant color.

Curvy Designs – IN

Most designers are moving away from the straight clean lines that have defined designs in the past five years. Sofas with rigid cushions and straight arms look nice, but they’re not comfortable to sit on. Instead, designers are opting for curvy shapes with rounded lines. U-shaped chairs are making a comeback with this new trend. Shapes that are not as well-defined invite the viewer to sit rather than feel as though they belong in a doctor’s office. The whole theme of design for 2018 is making sure you and your guests feel at home. An interior design makeover might even help you get the best rates on condo insurance if your current condo design is feeling out of date, so it’s a win-win.

Patina and Tarnished Look – IN

As one designer puts it, those shiny drawer pulls, faucets, and sinks feel as though they belong in a 50’s-style diner rather than a home. Most people prefer the tarnished or patina look that comes from warm bronze. These metals are unique because they acquire character over time. You’ll see designers installing bronze faucets and sinks in kitchens and bathrooms as part of this new trend. Even rose gold and shiny copper are obtaining a reputation for being cheap. Trends are moving toward darker metals for curtain rods, shower rods, and just about any metal accent in the home.

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