The last race of the season Abu Dhabi

So, it finally comes down to this the last race of the season at the Yas Marina Abu Dhabi. It’s where the party starts at the end of term feel of the championship’s last race carries on. That party mood is tempered if the title for the drivers or the constructors is still to be decided but this year 2018 it’s all done with Lewis Hamilton clinching the title at Mexico and the Constructors being won by Mercedes at Brazil. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any action and excitement. There are a few unanswered questions from the season to address and a few things to look out for. You’d get a much better view if you join Abu Dhabi F1 Paddock Club and the best place to start is to have a look at Here’s a quick breakdown of the highlights.

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  1. Ocon versus Verstappen round 2? There was an unfortunate incident and a coming together at the Senna Esses in Brazil which resulted in some severe pushing an arm extending at the weigh-in area. Ocon was the master of Verstappen in GP3 but this is Formula One and the tide has definitely turned, and it is now Verstappen who is seen as the main talent. He’ll be looking to win, and nothing is going to stand in this young man’s way. Hamilton should be a feared for that sixth title perhaps…
  2. Can Bottas get a win? He is undoubtedly the second driver behind Lewis Hamilton in the team, but the Finn nevertheless has talent and he deserves to get something out of the year. He wants to earn it though and Lewis has said he won’t just capitulate as that would be unfair to Valtteri.
  3. Can Raikkonen end his Ferrari career with a win? He would like to secure third in the title race, but he has the charging Verstappen behind him and Valtteri Bottas too. He is off to Sauber and would want to leave the Prancing Pony on a high.

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  1. Where you finish is critical for funds. The prize money for the Constructors can be a shot in the arm especially if it’s a team like Williams who has struggled on the track and financially this year. Some don’t they will make it to 2019 and a great piece of F1 heritage will be lost if they do. They cannot get out of the basement, but they will be trying to impress future sponsors with a good performance.
  2. The Swan Song of Fernando Alonso. This is his last race in F1 following a very disappointing time at Maclaren the second time around, not that the first was that great either. He’s had a lot of bad luck despite being easily one of the best drivers to ever grace the grid. A final win is out of the question, but you can bet that will not stop him trying.

Along with all the best of the rest competitions to settle it is looking like a great end of the season race.

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