Choosing the Right Golf Jacket

It may be October, but that doesn’t mean that the passions of committed golfers are in any way dampened. Just the reverse. After all, if a course is challenging during the kinder weather of summer, then it must be even more challenging during the winter when the elements conspire against even the best players. On cloudy days, a good pair of sunglasses can come in handy – specialised pairs can give you greater ranges of depth in flat conditions, but especially if the clouds suddenly clear. The bastion of sports eyewear, Oakley sunglasses, is a fab choice in this case, as they have so many years experience. They produce an excellent range of lightweight and stylish glasses, and the optics are second to none –  a real pleasure to wear! However, the key to autumn golfing is to invest in the gear that will protect and help you enjoy even rainiest day. One of the most important pieces of kit you’ll need is a good jacket, and Polaroid Sunglasses to complete the look.

The Lightweight
Nike is on to a winner with the Paclite men’s golf jacket. Made of GoreTex, this jacket repels water but can still breathe with you. And, it has a high neck so rainwater won’t drip down your back – always annoying in the extreme. Like its name suggests, this jacket is lightweight and very comfortable. It’s broader cut won’t hamper your swing in the least.

The Wind Beater
Glenmuir have come out with a wind shirt that has a Teflon coating. It does double duty to protect you against wind as well as water. It’s also got a breathable stretch lining for that little something extra. This could be the perfect thing to wear when the weather is changeable.

The Quiet Type
There’s no doubt about it. Some rain jackets are noisy. All you need to do is a few practice swings and heads start turning. And not in a good way. Footjoy has found the answer. Its Dryjoys jacket promises not only to repel the wind and the rain, but to remain silent when you really need to focus.

Now that you’re prepared for the rain, maybe the sun will shine and you’ll enjoy your time on the course even more!

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