5 Words for Which Rummy Players Have A Different Meaning from Others

Many times, love for a certain game completely changes your vocabulary. When you are madly in love with a certain game, you naturally tend to remember all its terms and usages. Many times, this may even make you forget the most popular meaning of the word. This is something that happens commonly with players of Indian Rummy card game. They may understand the same words differently and comprehend a completely different meaning for the same. Here are some hilarious examples for the same that each rummy lover will relate to.


When we hear the world life, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is the struggles associated with daily living. We may think of the ups and downs and challenges of life. We may look at how at different ages, life gets more challenging and complex. If you are a health-conscious person, you may think of health and lifespan when you think of life. You may remember different ways of healthy living and ways to make life better.

When you speak of life to a rummy lover, the only thing he will remember is the two sequences that he needs to make. In the classic rummy game, the pure sequence and real sequence are together termed as life. Till the players form these two sequences, his full points are counted. So, when you say life isn’t happening to a rummy player, he may retort that you should wait a few turns for the right card.


We often hear of the term deal when it comes to business and negotiating. When a negotiation is complete, we say that the deal is done. When we say we are trying to bag a client, we say let us strike a deal. This is one way of referring to the term deal. The other is a more casual approach mostly used as a part of the exclamation, ‘Big deal!’.

However, to a rummy player, deal can mean just one thing and that is distributing the deck of cards. The process of distributing the cards is known as dealing in rummy.


The word dealer is often heard in the most inauspicious conversations. We think of drug dealers and black money dealers when we think of the word dealer. It is mostly in the wrong sense that we relate to these terms.

For a rummy player, a dealer is a person who distributes the cards. Every player, in turn, gets an opportunity to distribute cards one by one.


Joker is a funny character that entertains people in a circus. Each time we hear the term joker, we actually remember the circus. The other way we may remember a joker is through the Batman movies where the joker was the villain.

To a rummy player, a joker is a bonus card that helps him complete the sequences sooner. A rummy player thus is impressed to have a joker in hand.


Most people hear of a set in dramas a stage plays. The set is arranged properly before the play commences. Apart from this, set could be a collection or grouping of things. We use this term to speak of a set of chinaware cups or a set of jewellery.

When an avid rummy fan hears the term set, the only thing that comes to his mind is a collection of cards of the same number or value but of different signs.

This information is a clear portrayal of how a craze for a certain game can completely alter the player’s perspective.