5 items to turn your room into a Boho Paradise

You must have lusted over the eccentric beauty of a bohemian-inspired bedroom on either Pinterest or Instagram. The seamless marriage of colours, prints and textures is not only uniquely artistic and aesthetically pleasing but also allows you to make use of affordable home decor items from flee market to online stores which sell bohemian inspired products. So here are 5 must-have items which will help you transform your room into the boho paradise you double tap on Instagram.

  1. Planters

Nature is one of the major inspirations when it comes to bohemian décor. One of the most convenient ways to bring a touch of nature within the four walls of your room is with houseplants. You can choose from a variety of low maintenance succulents to air purifying plants like snake plants or ferns to gorgeous tropical indoor palms like areca. Once you have decided and collected the green it is time to find suitable planters for these beauties. For the palms which could be placed on the floor in one corner of the room, you can pick planter which has a cord weave around it with colourful pompoms. For ferns and hanging plants look out for a hanging planter in a rich gold tone to act as an accent to your décor. And buy a hanging shelf to show off your succulents in tiny pots and pretty planter.

  1. Macramé

There is nothing that screams boho louder than macramé. Continue the weaving theme from the palm planter and add a beautiful macramé wall hanging anywhere around it. You can choose it in a colour which complements your colour palette. However, if you are afraid or adding too many colours then stick to a neutral black macramé wall hanging. You can use a larger macramé wall hanging in an innovative way by turning it into a curtain.

  1. Prints

There is absolutely nothing that celebrates prints, as well as bohemian décor, does. One of the best and most pocket-friendly ways of introducing prints into your décor is by getting a bunch of cushion covers in a variety of different prints, patterns and textures. They not only add pops of colour but also add a sense of cosiness to your room. A similar way of adding some more colour and cosiness to your room is a tribal pattern rug. While choosing so many different prints and patterns try to fixate on a colour palette and work around it to have an aesthetically pleasing result.

  1. Weaved heaven puff

Do not stop the weaving theme just at the macramé wall hangings and weaved planters bring it out even with your seating arrangement with a brightly coloured cute weaved puff. It is not only extremely functional but also adds a pop of colour to your décor.

  1. Tapestry

One must have item for any boho inspired room is a tapestry. You can save up some bucks by getting a tapestry in place of a headboard and also add so pretty colour and prints to your room.

So, that’s about it. Get your hand on these 5 pieces and you will have an inspiring boho room of your own that you can take pictures of and make others double tap.