The Warehouse Workplace: How to Maximize Your Employees Comfort

A warehouse can be a cavernous workplace. Often dimly lit, warehouse workers can sometimes strain to read items stacked up to the ceiling. Typically, the only bright light comes from the manager’s office. Even breakrooms feel somewhat bleak.

Usually, fluorescent lights blink and buzz above. If windows exist, they are seldom nearby. The warehouse employee may walk into the warehouse while sunshine fills the sky. Upon leaving, a drenching pouring rain may greet them. They have no point of reference inside the warehouse. If you want to improve your worker’s comfort and morale, here are a few things to consider.

Maximize Natural Lighting

While it may not be practical to place panoramic windows throughout the warehouse, there are some other ways in which you can make use of natural light. A warehouse ceiling often has small openings for ventilation or a small square of light. If this describes your warehouse, there are some natural light enhancers that will help improve comfort and morale. Whenever possible, enlarge the small roof openings and turn them into skylights. If a roof project is in the works, include skylights and other creative methods to enhance natural light from your ceiling structure. If your warehouse has a mezzanine, turn it into a natural light haven. Automatic temperature and light controls will save energy by adjusting the warehouse temperature and lowering inside lights when natural light flows in.

Update Your Breakroom

The breakroom is one area in a warehouse where employees go to relax. Turn it into a comfortable place where your staff wants to go for a refreshing experience. Consider turning a wall into a green environment by covering the entire wall with plants. Most of it could consist of green plants which you could change out according to the different seasons. Employees appreciate any effort you take to improve the breakroom. Little things like providing comfortable seating make a big difference in employee morale. Games are another thing that improves a breakroom. Televisions can cost a chunk of change, but employees often appreciate them.

Adjust Warehouse Temperature

When the temperature is too hot or too cold, it has a direct impact on warehouse production. If you want to see a positive effect on your bottom line, check with experts like MTA Australasia for temperature control. Typically, a warehouse has temperatures that soar in the summer.

No matter what time of the year it is, your employees cannot function at their best in a hot environment. Furthermore, the risk to safety ratio is high. When a sweating worker cannot grip properly, accidents occur. No warehouse enhances an employee’s comfort level unless you address temperature issues.

Improve Safety Throughout the Warehouse

A safe work environment benefits everyone and makes your warehouse a more comfortable place to work. You can decrease your workplace accidents by improving the lighting and temperature. Those are usually the biggest factors when accidents happen. No worker looks forward to coming to work in an unsafe environment. If you want a comfortable warehouse environment, provide anti-fatigue mats. They relieve aching legs and backs. Ergonomic work tables go a long way in preventing work-related back injuries as well.

Many of these items take little effort and only a small budget. However, if you make efforts to improve your warehouse comfort level, you will see good returns.