Technology and the millennial workforce

As the first true generation of digital natives enters the modern workforce, having grown up with more technology and screen time than any other, millennials are taking over workplaces across the UK, with the expectation that their employer’s set up and technology is sufficient and efficient.

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According to the Meet the Millennials study from KPMG, around 13.8 million millennials across the UK make up approximately 35 per cent of the present workforce, and this is set to increase to around 50 per cent by 2020. By making flexible working, innovative technology and work-life balance a priority in the workplace, millennials have already changed the shape of modern workplaces. Their influence will only continue to be felt in work environments up and down the country, so how can you ensure your workplace is up to standard?

Flexible technology to ensure flexible working

Millennials are renowned for rejecting conventional working hours, with a reported 69 per cent of the generation working to flexible hours. 64 per cent also enjoy flexible working locations which allow them to work from home, the office or anywhere else.

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However, the traditional office desk-based phone systems do not fit into this new type of work, and by relying on outdated phone systems, you could miss sales opportunities and calls when your employees are not at their desks. There are also new business-enhancing innovations such as CTI, call management and call recording.

If the majority of your workforce works remotely, a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system could provide the answer. As calls are delivered by the internet, voice services can be accessed in any location with a connection, and users are not tied to their desks, making flexible working easily and fully supported.

Mobile integration

Many VoIP systems allow the convenient integration of mobile and fixed capabilities, which ensure a call is never missed on any device anywhere. This collaborative communication allows the connection of laptops, mobile devices and desk phones to deliver voice services when online.

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Some VoIP systems are also integrated with mobile apps which maximise productivity with useful features such as instant messaging, softphone, remote configuration of business phones and presence status. An address book which is cloud-based will allow simple access to call contacts without storing details separately on a device.

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