Items For Every Muay Thai Lover Needs To Have When Traveling

If you are a Muay Thai lover, you will know that missing a session can seem like some part of you is missing. Unfortunately, most people normally miss their fitness session when traveling. One of the best ways to ensure you reap the greatest benefit from your Muay Thai exercises is to ensure that you practice as often as possible.

Traveling shouldn’t be an excuse not to practice your Muay Thai. If you start giving excuses, with time, you will start losing interest and you will lose all the benefits you’ve achieved so far from Muay Thai. Never give up for anything.

If you are used to training 3 times per week, you can sustain this routine on your travel. The most important thing is to know the tools you should carry with you whenever you want to travel. In this article, you will learn of top Muay Thai gears to carry with you when you want to travel.

Top Muay Thai Gears You Need For Your Travel

  1. Boxing Gloves

Although you can always get a new boxing glove from an online store such as Amazon. However, it makes more sense that you travel with boxing gloves that you are already used to. When you decide to travel, make sure you have your gloves with you. If this is your first-time buying boxing gloves, make research to ensure you get the best gloves in the market.

  1. Head Gear

Spending money is never fun. This is why it is important that you need to carry your headgear along with you. With your headgear, you will have no excuse to miss your training session. Again, you will keep yourself protected and avoid getting concussions or much worse from your training.

  1. Shin Guards

When practicing Muay Thai, it is very important that you keep your shin very protected. Make sure you travel with shin guard that you already find comfortable. If you don’t have, you can always buy it online.

  1. Mouth Guard

Mouth Guard is a vital equipment to have in your Muay Thai bag when you want to travel. Fortunately, this is a very portable piece of equipment and it wouldn’t take any space at all. You need your mouth guard to avoid broken teeth.

  1. Groin Protection

If you are a man, then I don’t need to convince you so much that this piece of equipment is very important. You certainly don’t want to get hit on the groin. If this happens, it could be one of the most painful things you will experience. Just make sure you keep your groin protected by carrying your groin protection with you in your Muay Thai bag when you are traveling.

  1. Ankle Braces

Most people neglect to carry their angle braces when they are traveling. In fact, some think that this is not important. Unfortunately, it is extremely important. You certainly need to have this equipment with you if you are traveling. Ankle braces will help you protect your feet from the great amounts of force created by kicking.

  1. Knee and Elbow Pads

To avoid clashing knees when sparring, you need to travel with Knee and Elbow pads in your Muay Thai bag. The pain from this incident can be so painful. Don’t use this as an excuse to miss practicing Muay Thai when you travel. Make sure you have it packed in your bag before you set out on your journey.

Final Words

A good Muay Thai lover must have all the items named above in their bag when traveling. This will ensure that you don’t miss a practice session no matter where you find yourself.¬†Chalong Muay Thai and basic detail¬† have everything for you. Again, if you want to travel to Thailand to learn Muay Thai, these items mentioned above are exactly what you need to pack with you. Fortunately, there are good places you can learn and practice Muay Thai fitness in Thailand. You can find a number of Muay Thai programs you can join online.