How Should an Avid Card Player’s Home Look?

If you are mad about rummy, the game sure will have some impact on your life and your daily choices too. This can be evident in the way you decorate your home. The love for the game will surely be visible with one look at your home.

Here are some simple things common in the homes of avid rummy card game players:


As the game of Indian rummy requires a good deal of organised approach, it will become your habit to be organised in every aspect of life. When you plan your home, you will make sure every thing in the house is in its place and there is a place for everything.

Good Choice of Lighting

As most rummy players play the game with friends in cafes and clubs, they know the significance of ambience and lighting. They will take pains to select a proper lighting for each room. They know that good lighting contributes to concentration required much in a rummy tournament or game.

Décor Inspired from Card Games

The modern markets know how to pamper the love for rummy in people. That is why they come up with different interesting décor ideas that perfectly suits a rummy player. Here are some of the common examples that you may check out. The right selection of these can make you feel at home if you are a true rummy player:

  • Wallpapers

A card love is sure to have some finesse in taste. The unique card designs are all intricately designed. Each of these ornate designs look awesome as wallpapers for the living rooms. Players of classic rummy will know how good it will make their living room look. That is why they are sure to look for such artistic designs and do a good deal of research before finalising.

  • Coasters

Most rummy players enjoy a dose of caffeine or nicotine at regular intervals. Tea and coffee breaks are common on most game sessions. Coasters designed in card game style and design are ideal picks for the coffee tables.

  • Carpets

Many of the Persian and Arabic curtains have detailed designs. These are sure choices for homes of card game lovers. This is because dealing with playing cards for a long time has developed their aesthetic sense.

They may also like to buy dark and shiny shag rug for the centre of the floor. This is a common choice because shag rugs contrasting the floor are known to create the right impact.

  • Card Holders

A card lover is never to quit his deck of cards. That is the reason a card holder is a sure piece of décor in the house of a card player. These days many unique card holders are available. Some of these are like little suitcases with a handle and two slots to place the cards. Some of these are like book holders and can be placed in the centre of the coffee table to hold the deck of cards.

  • Good Seating Arrangement

A good rummy game player knows the significance of good seating arrangement for a player to keep focus on the game. That is why a good player will make sure the chairs are well placed. The height of the chairs will suit an average player height. The coffee tables too will be of the height that allows comfortable playing.

These are some things you get to see specifically in a rummy fan’s well-arranged home.

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