Top 10 Countries to Immigrate in 2018

Top 10 Countries to Immigrate

People migrate from one country to another for many reasons like pursuing higher studies, job purpose, better lifestyle etc. However, immigration consultants emphasize over considering many other factors before applying for immigration. The prospective country you are imagining must have good health care system, advanced technology, flexible policies for immigrated residents, good taxation policies, residential norms etc. that are considered not a desire but basic need.

Keeping in mind all the above factors, here are the top ten countries voted best for immigration and here’s why

1. Australia

Immigrate to Australia

What does a person require to live his life peacefully and happily? The lifestyle of Australia seems to be the perfect answer. The country is known for its awesome weather, laidback lifestyle and great quality of life too. Australia is among the top choices for people who are looking out to migrate.

2. Mexico

Immigrate to Maxico

The aesthetic beauty and blend of culture in Mexico attracts people from worldwide. Moreover, the country is known for its soothing warm climate and low cost of living. In this world where prices are rising every single second, there’s no doubt that people want to shift to a country which fulfils their needs in their budget.

3. Canada

Immigrate to canada

Canada is among the safest and most peace-loving countries of the world. Apart from great educational institutions and comfortable lifestyle, this place also has good immigration policies. Moreover, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto are among the most livable cities in the world.

4. Iceland

Immigrate to Iceland

Picturesque, lowest security risks, peaceful solace – What else do you desire from a country? Yes, Iceland is all of the above. Its peaceful and safe environment has attracted many people to settle down in this country.

5. Germany

Immigrate to Germany

Great architecture, world-class facilities, trendy lifestyle and great policies – Germany has it all. Also, there are many prominent educational institutions in Germany that have nurtured great talent. Hamburg, a city in Germany is in the list of the most livable cities across the world.

6. New Zealand

Immigrate to New Zealand

New Zealand is known for soothing and mesmerizing climate, flexible job policies and people’s friendly nature. They have also achieved the highest social capital score in the world. Their hospitality is something that is highly appreciated. The country is a hub for adventure lovers and ideal for people who love to travel.

7. Finland

Immigrate to Finland

Who does not want to live in the safest country in the world? Yes, it’s Finland! This beautiful country is known for its safety and peace across the world. There’s a blend of cultural harmony that is very refreshing. This country a living example of integrity in diversity.

8. Norway

Immigrate to Norway

Norway is known for its cold yet comforting weather, peace and safety. Apart from being a clean and beautiful country, it has  flexible policies for its residents. They also are featured in the list of most lustful countries but in a good way. The application process is a bit different from other countries since Norway makes sure that you know about their history before entering their country.

9. Malaysia

Immigrate to Malaysia

The authentic culture, the mesmerizing beaches and variety of cuisines (majorly non-vegetarian) are hard to overlook. The country is very clean and tourists every year flock in to witness the natural beauty of this place. Thinking about moving to Malaysia? Why not!

10. Costa Rica

Immigrate to Costa Rica

This country is an ideal place for raising a family. It has been ranked as the happiest country in the world. Moreover, people here are environmental-friendly to a whole next level. The lush green surroundings all over the country are proof of their love for nature.

Every country has its separate system for immigration. In order to calculate points, there is points calculator available online which specifies the points allocated to each criterion for each country. Therefore, you can easily see how many points you have gained and how many more you require in order to get your application accepted. Lastly, before immigrating to a certain country, make sure you have done a thorough research on all the policies of that country and you are surely in a win-win situation there.  After all, we all want to shift towards a better life.

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