Tips To Make The Office More Welcoming For Your Visitors

A warm and welcoming office will create a positive impression amongst the guests. This is especially true in the case of clients. From the moment they step into the office, the mood will already be set and they will already have a positive impression. How exactly is this possible? Keep on reading and learn from the insights we will be sharing below.

Use a Visitor Registration Software

There is no need to have a receptionist at the front desk. You can use check in apps for business, which will automate the process of visitor registration. Guests can register through a tablet or a computer. This will retrieve their personal information and signature, as well as issue badges that will make it easy for them to be identified as visitors.

For a sign in an app that promises to provide a seamless experience to your office visitors, one option that deserves your attention is Greetly.

Offer Refreshment

No one wants to be left waiting in line for a long time, especially a person who is already hungry and thirsty. If you want to provide the visitors with a better experience when they come to visit, it will be best to have refreshments in the front office. Consider installing water coolers for office visitors, a cup of tea or a glass of water will go a long way. Having a jar of cookies will also help.

Tips To Make The Office More Welcoming For Your Visitors

Invest in the Right Furniture

Guests should never have to stand while they are waiting in the office. With this, it is important to invest in the right furniture, especially seats. It should be soft and comfortable, which will make them not mind the time they spend waiting in the reception. Lounge seats will be great, as well as conversational furniture pieces. It will also be good to add charging ports in the seats so that guests can charge their gadgets if they have to wait long.

Make it Smell Fresh

To design an excellent office and make it more inviting, the scent will also play a critical role. It will be good to invest in an air freshener. Lemon, jasmine, and lavender are some of the best scents that you might want to consider. They will instantly make space feel relaxed.

Control the Temperature

The office should not be too cold or too hot. Most of the visitors won’t bring a sweater when they pay an office a short visit, so make sure that it won’t be too chilly. On the other hand, do not make them sweat like they are on the beach. Have an intelligent HVAC system that automatically adjusts the temperature based on the external environment.

Bring Nature In

In designing a welcoming office, another thing that will help is to add an element of nature. There are indoor plants that can improve air quality while also adding decorative touches in the office. This will also make the office more productive and less stressful for the employees.

With the things that have been mentioned above, your guests will not mind waiting in the reception area! It will help create a good and lasting first impression.