Big Data & Hadoop – Booming Technologies for Career Growth

Big Data & Hadoop - Booming Technologies for Career Growth

Think you happen to watch television and view advertisements that are coming over it. It cannot be possible all are relevant. Therefore, you may not be interested and begin to surf.  But think in case the advertisement that is coming on your television happens to be of your interest. Suppose you go to any burger outlet to get a tasty burger and you find that the advertisement streaming on TV pertains to the similar product. Or assume you go to the market to buy shades and the advertisement happens to be about the similar item. Now envisage in case it happens with all people, it would be very effective. It just makes one aspect of Big Data. Now there is only one challenge that is to handle this big data, and because of the advancement in the area of big data such as Hadoop, its scope tends to become larger.

Big Data & Hadoop - Booming Technologies for Career Growth

Hadoop & Big Data

Hadoop can be said to be the supermodel relating to big data. To be well proficient in Hadoop may be taken as a decisive reason for boosting up the career or you may lag behind. In case you happen to be a fresher you have got a big scope in case you turn out to be proficient in Hadoop. With regard to open source structure, you may come across no other substitute that is capable of handling petabytes relating to data in the way Hadoop can. It had been expected in 2015 that big data within Indian Hadoop industry might progress five times within the investigative center. 

In India, the job market is on growth within analytics

Some of the researches show that at the end of the year 2018 India may fall short of data scientists that will be two lakh in number. In India, the possible expansion of big data is due to the know-how of the advantages that come into thought from free data may influence enterprises and enhance ROI. One more reality is that India has been taken as a hub for outsourcing such kind of skills at very economical costs. You are capable of viewing that Bangalore is coming up as a hub pertaining to these outsourcing abilities.

Jobs meant for Hadoop developers tend to be on the rise because companies relating to various spheres like telecom, automobile, retail, and e-commerce are implementing analytics to get better of their competitors. Mounting demand and economical aspect do also entice a lot of global organizations to concentrate on India having strategies for growth.

Big data & hadoop proficiencies may enhance 

With very high- level Hadoop, any developer may be an individual who must take pleasure in programming. Plus, should possess certain know- how in Java and SQL or some other scripting language or programming because it can enhance the candidate’s competence as a developer. It has got great career options in the vertical fields in which a candidate can excel with lucrative salary. But candidates have to go through certain Hadoop interview questions to be assessed for a job.

Salary structure

Within big data Hadoop, professionals draw a handsome salary with an average of 6- 9 lacs. On the position of a manager for some 7-10 years may draw somewhere near 15-20 lac. Individuals with experience of 15 years may get nearly one crore. It has got all chances of career advancement opportunities.