Organising Tips That Will Make Your School Sports Day A Big Hit

Organising Tips That Will Make Your School Sports Day A Big Hit

A school sports day is a great way to bring out the athletic side in every child and develop team spirit. It is not only an enjoyable break for students but also an opportunity for parents to see their kids on the field showcasing their talent.

Some schools conduct games and activities for teachers too, so overall it’s a fun time for all. So here are some tips to help you out in organising a perfect sport day–

Fix a date and a time

The first step towards the preparation for a successful sports day is to decide the date and time. So just grab a calendar, mark the dates which are suitable for the school management and then, finalise the one which is ideal for pupils as well as parents. Let the parents know about the dates well in advance so that they can make arrangements to be there on theday.

Be sure to communicate the right timings as well to all the parents.

Make a list of events

Time is money and when it comes to managing a lot of activities in a single day, each and everything needs to be planned very well. So just decide the events that will make for a great sports day. Allot a specific time to each activity and also decide the time that each event will take to complete. Plan the prize distribution ceremony as well and it is recommended that this is kept towards the end of the programme. This is because, all the events, races and games will be over and it will be the time to cheer the winners.

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Teachers and responsibilities

After deciding the events, do not delay in allocating responsibilities of these tasks to various teachers. Make sure that every teacher is given a job that best suits their abilities. From directing the attendees to park their vehicles at the right spot to blowing whistles and handing out refreshments, there’s a lot to be done. It doesn’t stop there as the event has to be properly supervised and judged as well and the winner has to be awarded and honoured.  All of this requires a lot of manpower so distribute each task to the right person and oversee the execution of the day smartly.

Decide what refreshments are to be provided

After all these games and physical activities, everybody will need some cool and refreshing treats to relax. Have enough water and lemonade on hand to keep all the participants hydrated. To beat the heat, add ice cubes to the drinks.

To treat the kids after a lot of run around, include their favourites such as snacks, pastries, sandwiches, pasta and yes, of course, fruity ice lollies. Make similar arrangements for parents as well.

Ensure the planning is executed properly

If you’re done planning for the event, good! But it doesn’t stops there as you need to gauge how much of the work you planned out is actually complete. Planning for refreshments, games, races, award ceremonies etc. requires the availability of appropriate resources so figure out how many things are ready to roll.

Have you made arrangements for refreshments?  Are the trophies, medals and cups polished to perfection and kept safely in a tote box ready for the distribution ceremony? Is the information of participating students in place? Think about all these things and ensure that nothing is amiss and everything is on track.

After games and prize distribution

Once all the events of the day are successfully executed, gather everyone around and give a short speech acknowledging and thanking both parents and students for being a part of the day.  Appreciate the teachers for their hard work and efforts in making the event successful. Let the students know how much their participation was appreciated and encourage them to do even better the next time. Last but not the least; make sure that every winner has received their respective cup or medal.

You can also use these sport day activities to inspire students once they are back in their classrooms. So what are you waiting for? Get going and plan the perfect sports day this time!

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