Top 3 Astounding Tips to Manage IT Support Tickets

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In this hyper-competitive era, it is imperative to keep customers happy. For the same reason, most of the business owners make contact with help desk call centres to render the best technical support services. With the time, managing IT support tickets has become a daunting task for the help desk call centres. Moreover, this aspect cannot be ignored.

This is so because large ticket backlogs not only raise questions about the business’s productivity but also lift the customer attrition rate. To ensure a long-term success, it is imperative to handle ticket queues up to the perfection.

Are you searching for some astounding tips that can help in managing the IT support tickets? Following pointers will end your search:

Outsourcing Help Desk

First-come, first-served basis

The simplest way to manage IT support tickets is solving all the queries on the regular basis so that nothing can lead to large ticket backlog. This aspect not only ensures faster ticket resolution but also keeps the customers happy.

To offer services on a first-come, first-served basis, it is imperative for the help desk call centres to hire a large number of skilled agents because there is no meaning in solving easy tickets firstly. This is so because customer attrition rate always gets increased when customers don’t get quick resolution of their complicated issues.

Bring self-service into the play   

Solving the same issues over and over again not only makes the help desk staff frustrated but also increases the size of ticket backlog. To prevent this hassle, most of the reputed help desk call centres instruct their agents to promote self-service facility during the interaction so that the rate of solving common issues gets reduced.

Moreover, this aspect not only empowers the customers to solve all the minor or trivial issues on their own but also reduces the workload of the help desk staff. Furthermore, self-service helps in saving money & resources and that again help the business in a great manner.

All in all, if you want to keep your customers happy, avail help desk services in India as soon as possible.

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Set and monitor ticket status

Being an owner of a help desk call centre, it is significant for you to ensure that your agents are setting the ticket status properly because this is the best way to deliver unparalleled help desk services India. Sometimes help desk staff fails to set tickets properly, which always invites unnecessary issues at the later stages.

Therefore, it is significant to ensure that all the tickets are moving in a queue properly so that nothing can affect the customer experience. Here are few terms that come handy in setting ticket statuses:

  • New/ Open: This status shows that customer’s case has been received.
  • In-Progress: This status lets the customer know that agent has started working on the case.
  • Pending/ On-hold: This status is assigned when an agent is waiting for a customer’s reply or waiting for more case-related information.
  • Closed/Solved: This status will show that case has been resolved from the company’s end.