Tips To Make A Good Impression

Tips To Make A Good Impression

The first impression is important because it has forever influenced the way people see you and interpret your actions.  It is worth saying that you do not have a second chance to make a good impression. Impressions are formed in the first 10 seconds, especially if you are in the position of business leader or manager.

The Image Matters in Business

In order to be successful in business, the image is crucial. And for an entrepreneur or manager, everything reflects on the company: from greeting their partners to the way they dress. If it does not seem right to you, think about how much people are identified with the smallest details of life. Like the car we drive, the paper used for correspondence.

Evaluate and Analyze your Image

Take a moment to analyze yourself. Do you dress according to the field in which you work? Are your wearing professional clothes? Is your hair cared for? But the car? Do you work in an area where you can be judged by the car you are driving? If an artist appears in a very old car, with straddling seats and a broken exhausting drum, this may not be a controversy, but the same situation is disastrous for the image of a businessman.  Make sure your promotional material reflects your image, When you evaluate yourself, take a look at the marketing materials.

In fact, you should put them in a priority position in the strategy of creating a better image, as they usually represent you. Obviously, you will use quality paper. But did you think about using silver or gold engravings for credit cards? Treat everything you do with the importance,  and your clients will behave likewise.

Build a Professional Image

Of course, there is no substitute for true professionalism. But treat the following suggestions as a code of conduct. It’s good to have someone read and re-read every piece of writing material that leaves your office. This means correspondence, marketing elements or business proposals. Be always calm and willing to give a helping hand when you answer the phone. People like to do business with happy, positive people.

Use your Name

People like to hear their name. They feel special and create the impression that you agree with what they say. Here’s a tip: learn the names of their relatives (wife, children, animals) and mention them from time to time in conversation or email; for example, ask something related to family life. They will appreciate that you are paying attention to details and will create a more appropriate link.

Adopt the Right Attitude

Recommend someone else when you can not handle it. People will respect your sincerity. Offers high-quality services or products. Do what you promised. Never underestimate the power of competition.

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