Some Cleaning Secrets & Maintenance Tips for Tungsten Men’s Wedding Bands

Tungsten carbide wedding bands necessitate the least maintenance to keep it dazzling like new. People who are constantly using their tungsten carbide wedding bands do not have to get their wedding bands cleaned on a regular basis.  However, get into the habit of cleaning your tungsten wedding bands once in a while to protect your ring from harsh chemicals. Often lotion or grease gets stuck to your wedding band. You should not neglect or ignore the issue, instead, clean your wedding band thoroughly using an effective soapy solution for perfect cleaning. Here are a few cleaning secrets that would keep your tungsten wedding bands sparkling as ever.

Tungsten Wedding Band Cleaning Tips

  • Make an effective soapy solution using the usual detergent or soap and water.
  • After soaking the ring in a soapy solution, you must scrub your ring thoroughly for eliminating dirt.
  • Go on gently scrubbing the wedding band with a soft brush like a used toothbrush and a piece of clean and soft cloth.
  • Rinse the wedding band thoroughly under the running tap water to get rid of the dirt and dust.

You could remove oil from your tungsten wedding band by using rubbing alcohol. You may use a soft towel to place your delicate jewelry on it and then use cotton balls that are soaked in rubbing alcohol to gently wipe clean the tungsten wedding band that had accidentally been coated with some sort of oil or a greasy substance. Once the wedding band is wiped with cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol, you could thoroughly rinse your wedding band in warm soapy water. Rinse the wedding band under running water for effectively getting rid of the soap. Wipe the wedding ring dry using a fresh dry cloth. You can learn more tips by visiting

Preventive Steps that Help You Maintain a Sparkling Tungsten Wedding Band Forever

  • Do not expose your wedding band to any harsh chemicals. Understand the intrinsic chemical properties of your wedding band. Avoid any kind of contact with harsh household chemicals. The chemicals that would be reacting with your tungsten carbide rings are ammonia, bleach, and chlorine.
  • Avoid intentionally dropping or striking your dazzling tungsten carbide wedding ring. You know that tungsten is a relatively robust and a durable metal. As it is not indestructible and that it could get shattered, it is best to exercise caution while handling your wedding band. Always treat your precious jewelry with a tremendous amount of care.
  • Do not drop the ring on purpose.
  • Do not ever consider striking the tungsten ring with any heavy object such as a dumbbell or a hammer.
  • It is best to remove your wedding band if your work involves lifting heavy weights or if you are busy working on any construction site.
  • You must restrict the use of the currently available ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. You must understand that tungsten resembles a ceramic substance. It is difficult to bend it but it could get a crack when a tremendous amount of pressure is applied.


You must store all your tungsten jewelry including your tungsten wedding bands separately to avoid any reaction from other jewelry pieces made of different metals. Tungsten is immensely strong metal. Moreover, a tungsten wedding band is scratch-resistant and would end up scratching other jewelry pieces made of relatively softer metals. Always store your tungsten wedding band safely and then place your wedding band in its own super-soft bag.

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