Now you too can capture the beauty of your pregnancy through pictures

When you are a mother-to-be you are glowing with beauty and pride and are basking in the joys of new motherhood. Why not capture the true essence of this beautiful time through maternity photography? My photography studio, Mary Elizabeth, is a perfect choice for your maternity photography needs because I am a talented photographer with a sound education from some of the best photography institutions in the world, and with an outstanding experience from some of the most talented photographers in the world! You can rest assured that I will be able to capture the thrill and unparalleled joy you and your partner will feel in pictures as your pregnancy progresses, and as a new life grows in your body!

Pregnancy and a woman’s changing life
I understand that pregnancy is an emotional time for all women as her body experiences a myriad of life-changing emotional and physical changes, and my maternity photography reflects this special time in her life. Pregnancy is indeed a unique and special time in any woman’s lives and introduces a new range of emotions which can only be captured through the photography of a talented and seasoned photographer, which I am.

My photography education and background
I am the photographer for your maternity photography needs because I am a graduate of the esteemed and well-renowned school of photography, the Universitat de Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain. I learned the principles, techniques, and skills and advanced photography there which I perfected through training from such talented and seasoned masters as Constantine Manos, Stella Johnson, and Bobbi Lane. I learned documentary photography from Constantine Manos, and this is why I am capable of capturing your true essence, and your full range of emotions throughout your pregnancy with my maternal photography. I learned how to capture the magic of lighting and contrast in terms of photographs through Bobbi Lane.

The beauty of my pictures
Being a seasoned photographer, I understand that working with you and your partner is key to capturing the real magic of your pregnancy through my maternity photography. I will use any object of sentimental value that your baby will use once born to capture the sentimental beauty, and the wide range of emotions you feel during your pregnancy. I will also work with you regarding any props or materials you want to use to capture the real essence of your pregnancy in pregnancy photos that you will remember for years to come! I am a photographer who is dedicated to creating the images of your pregnancy through photographs that will bring out the real you, in terms of emotions, essence, and personality that you and your growing family will cherish for years to come!

The lifelike nature of my pictures
If you look at my maternity photography in my maternity gallery on my website, you will see that my pictures capture the true range of joy and emotions that an expecting woman feels when she realizes that she is creating a new life which she will soon bring into this world. My pictures also capture the real joy and emotions that she and her partner and family feel about this unique and special experience. Indeed, I am able to create works of art that capture the real feelings and experiences that pregnant women and their families have!

I am a well-rounded photographer who believes in giving back to the community through philanthropic associations. I am a photographer who genuinely cares about creating the perfect maternity experiences for you which you will remember for a lifetime, so please remember me for all of your maternity photography needs!

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