How to Properly Write a Resume

One of the biggest shocks that any college student has is the day when college ends and they go into the job market looking for employment and despite having been a graduate and spending all that money to get a degree to get ready for the job market and get the skills that they need to do able to do the job nobody will give them a chance to prove themselves by allowing them the chance to be accept a job as a method of showing that you have gained some skills by attending college. Students are amazed to find out that they have trouble getting a job, but this is because they often have problems when writing their resume and since you have presented yourself wrong you will find it difficult to find employment this way. Here are some resume tips that you can use to improve the product you had to your prospective employer.

How to Properly Write a Resume

1 ) Include Education

If you have been a student for this many years then it is obviously a passion of yours, make sure to get that across on your resume by listing all of the schools that you attended and your GPA at the end of each degree that you achieved. If your GPA is not up to par you would want to leave that out but it is important to tell your employer about your education.

2) Include Awards

Since you have been a student for so long there will be a lot of space on your resume that you need to fill. You can fill this space by letting the employer know about things you have accomplished. If you were awards the dean’s list then you should include this on your resume. If you got an academic award at all you will want to include it to show that you are serious about the things that you put effort into.

3) Include a statement

This is the place where you will tell the employer what type of person you are and what you are looking for out of a company. You can use this space to let them know the sort of environment that you wish to work in.

4) Do not forget past jobs

Every resume should include a statement of the jobs you have held and the time periods which you held them. Include these if you have them and if you do not then leave this out. Just be ready to explain that your education took the place of job experience and you will find success.

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