Applying Online, Does it Work?

Does applying online for a job really work? Where does the application go after I apply? Is this really going to help me get a job? These are the questions that I usually think about as I am applying for a job on the internet. In my opinion it is not only the economy that is not providing jobs, but that the way that people apply for the job is a contributing factor. It is so much harder for anyone to get work when there is absolutely no personal contact in the job application process.

Computers now determine if we get work or not. Looking for a job is hard enough, and now you are strictly hired based on the answers that you put into the computer. With online applications there is no room for explanation or personality. And I thought personality set aside individuals from the other applicants, guess not. I have filled out many online applications and have heard nothing, I’ve even tried calling after applying somewhere and I was unable to get in contact with a manager. I have also had several friends that have failed at getting a job when applying online.

However, I have known very few people that have gotten a job from applying online. Here are a few tips that you should know if you intend to apply online;

  • After applying making an appointment with the manager, call to let the manager know that you have applied, if you do not hear from them within a week call them, or after applying go to where you applied and tell them (in person) that you did apply. By doing these things it will show the manager that you really want the job.

Applying for a job online does mean that you have to do a little extra work if you really want the job. Since you are not applying in person, that does not mean you do not have to go there in order to get the job. Managers get daily emails telling them that someone has applied. So, keep in mind that there are so many more people that will apply online than there were by applying in person. Everyone is in competition with everyone over the internet.

Applying online can be a benefit to those who have a transportation dilemma at the moment, but does it really get you the job?

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