Trucker Accessories to Invest in – Unleash the Power of your Beast

In case you’re a truck driver who usually drives for a long haul, you will probably know the importance of safety and comfort. When you are seated in an uncomfortable vehicle, it makes the entire journey an uncomfortable and a painful one. However, we are lucky enough to note that with the boom in industry, there are new innovations that are coming in which can accomodate the drivers. If you are a driver who usually drives for long distances, here are few of the exceptional accessories that you should install in your vehicle in order to boost the efficiency and comfort of the ride.

12 Volt accessories

From luxury to safety, there are few options which can transform your position as a driver. Before you move into your future trip, you should ensure you have the following items:

  • Ice/compass alert

You should always place your hands on the driving wheel and your eyes on the road. But what if you need important details on the road? You can use this device to guarantee you are always treading on the path towards which you’re heading. There are few models which are capable of notifying you about the poor weather conditions like snow or ice. You will also remain updated on the temperature both within the truck and outside it. You can mount these wherever you want inside the truck.

  • Heated Blanket

You will require a blanket to stay warm in winter conditions, particularly when you have a plan of driving through the night. You might be stuck in snow and hence you should prepare yourself with enough heat garments which can help you protect yourself from falling ill. These heated blankets are lightweight and they can be stored virtually at any place in the cab. Watch out for a model which has got a thermostat so that things don’t get too warm.

Creature Comforts

Ergonomics are a growing area of interest within the office but the truckers will have known the importance of ergonomics. You can opt for these accessories to stay comfortable while on road.

  • Arm rest covers

You can update your arm space with a cover or a new cushion. You will be able to find these in simply vinyl or suede arm rest with memory foam for the best experience.

  • Wheel covers

This is yet one more opportunity to get comfort as you will find slip-on options for ergonomics. This is one of the best ways of personalizing your rig with a unique wheel pattern or some other theme.

  • Thermos

If you still don’t have a thermos, you should immediately invest in a good quality thermos. You may even keep one for drinks and one more for hot eats. You can even find good thermos coolers for store meals.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the must-have trucker accessories, you should choose the above mentioned ones. Also invest in onboard truck scales which can measure the load that you’re carrying in your truck so that you don’t accrue fines on road.

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