Kodachadri: A Trekking Trip worth Taking

Trekking on the mountains and hills involve several challenges that require special guidance. The first and foremost is trekking is choosing a right destination for ensuring more adventure. A lot of trekkers these days want to travel in a new place for discovering the nature and other things. The Western Ghats in Karnataka coves several trekking places allowing the people to spend the holidays and weekend with a group for ensuring complete satisfaction. Another thing is that they are a suitable one for camping purposes to access the wildlife and beauty of forests with professional guides. It is advisable to know the details of trekking places that are near to Bangalore for planning a trip with ease. Moreover, it gives ways for selecting a destination which exactly fits trekking activity.

There are several sources available for knowing the details of trekking peaks in the Western Ghats enabling the tourists to choose a right one accordingly. Kodachadri, a peak located in Shimoga district of Karnataka is becoming one of the favourite destinations for trekking near Bangalore because it maintains the greenery for a long time. It is a perfect choice for those who want to travel through the dense forests allowing trekkers to do many things with choices. The place is 400 km away from Bangalore which ultimately gives methods for scheduling a trip with a group. Another thing is that it includes meadows, waterfalls, national park, and other things that can make the trekkers fall in love with nature.

It lies approximately 4400 feet above the sea level enabling the tourists to experience more excitement. On the other hand, the packages involve different types and people should know more about them in detail for reserving a trip in advance. The online is the right place for trekkers to compare the prices easily for picking the best one at affordable rates. In fact, one can schedule the trekking on the mountain for spending the holidays with pleasure. Buses are available from Bangalore to Kollur and the participants can reach Nitturu which is the starting point of trekking. Moreover, a trekking package involves a maximum of 2 days stay and guides will arrange camping for the participants to ensure a better accommodation.

Trekkers should bring shoes, warm clothes, hat, and other things necessary for a trekking. Hidlumane falls, Arasinagundi falls, and Mookambika National Park are some attractions of the peak that can provide more happiness to trekkers. Apart from that, it is possible to watch the sunset from the peak in a trekking. It is an important one to follow the instructions of leaders or guides in a natural walk for overcoming unwanted issues. Those who want to get ready for the trekking can seek support from an expert guide for making the trip a memorable one in life. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions while booking a trip online to witness complete satisfaction. The destination is a perfect choice for hanging with groups and friends to relax mind from the busy lifestyle.

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