Ishqbaaz Full Episode Star plus Serial Cast and Wiki Story

Ishqbaaz Full Episode Star plus Serial Cast and Wiki Story

About Ishqbaaz Serial:

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz brings the story of 3 heirs of the Oberoi family. The 3 brothers area unit terribly totally different, however have an excellent bond. Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra area unit terribly shut and love one another lots. they’re every other’s strength and weakness too. Shivaay loves his business and his brothers. Omkara is associate degree creative person and has nothing to try to to with the business. Rudra may be a carefree and amusing guy. he’s continuously busy in gyms and parties. He has no time for business.It is terribly onerous to interrupt the brother’s unity. But, there’s a war to decide on the heir among them. Their folks area unit against one another and running within the heir-ship race. The brothers don’t seem to be laid low with their parents’ clashes. Their gran may be a infatuated woman, WHO desires the brothers continuously keep united. The story can gift however the brothers keep united through all the hurdles and external pressures.

Ishqbaaz Wiki Story:

The introduction of the Oberoi relations is shown. Tej Oberoi is power hungry and desires his son Omkara to become the heir of the Oberoi business. Tej and Shakti area unit the sons of the late man of affairs Prithviraj Oberoi. Tej is elder son and has dominated the Oberoi empire that completed fifty years of success. Tej and Shakti handle the business. Shakti wasn’t given all rights on the empire. Shakti is glad that his son Shivaay is that the eldest one within the new generation, and he would become the legal heir of the business. Tej desires his elder son Omkara to rule the business in order that the ability remains in his hands. The media speculates WHO are Oberoi’s heir. it’s determined that whoever will the Maha aarti on Dada ji’s birthday are declared because the heir.

Tej calls up Omkara and desires him to try to to the aarti, whereas Shivaay’s mother little finger pressurizes him to return 1st. there’s a race between the elders, whereas the brothers area unit seen living a cool and carefree life. Tej and Shakti aim to induce the empire and dislike one another. Shakti has some past incident guilt in his heart and stays in his own world generally. Tej has 2 sons Omkara and Rudra and one girl Priyanka. Tej is married to Jhanvi WHO is associate degree alcoholic, whereas Shakti and his artful married person little finger have their solely son Shivaay. The cousins share a brotherlike bond. they’re shown indivisible. they need distinct personalities, and nonetheless they’re united. they’re near their infatuated Dadi and sister Priyanka. The 3 brothers area unit powerful and good until they’re one and verify to continuously keep secure.

Shivaay, being the eldest may be a accountable guy. He believes in exactly running the business and taking forward the family gift. Omkara may be a skilled sculptor whereas Rudra may be a sexy, funny, careless and fitness freak. Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra arrive for the Maha aarti along. Tej and little finger pressurize their individual sons to try to to aarti and gain the heir-ship. Tej’s rivals attempt to smear the Oberois by obtaining a person killed within the aarti perform. Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra do the Maha aarti along, whereas a person burns himself alive. This gets stunning for the Oberois. Shivaay and Omkara have totally different opinions on the incorrect business ethics and their folks covering up the incident.

Dadi gets uncertain that Tej and Shakti area unit accountable behind the man’s death. She makes them swear by keeping a hand on Sanskrit literature. They swear that they weren’t concerned within the incident. Later on, Dadi realizes each of her sons song to her and gets regretting. Dadi includes a single would like that her grandsons keep united, not like her sons. Anika’s entry is gorgeous once she is seen performing arts with the youngsters at the temple. Anika stays along with her Bua and a brother Sahil. Anika’s carefree and daring nature is shown simply infront of Shivaay. Shivaay WHO doesn’t believe love, meets a bourgeoisie lady Anika, WHO seems to be Priyanka’s friend.

Shivaay and Anika’s meet turns ugly and he or she leaves a powerful impression on his mind. Anika breaks Shivaay’s mirror and returns the money he gave her at the temple. They each develop a instant dislike for every alternative. Rudra gets the video of Anika and Shivaay’s automotive breaking incident, and shows the video to Dadi and Omkara. Dadi finds Anika adequate to Shivaay altogether terms. Anika’s blood brother Sahil is unfit and walks with problem. Anika earns living by alittle scale line of work business for herself and Sahil. Anika faces a lot of humiliation by her Bua and gets overwhelmed up by Madhuri, Bua’s helper constable. Bua bribes Madhuri and snatches away Anika’s earnings continuously. Whenever Anika and Sahil withdraw, Bua complains regarding Anika seizure Sahil and taking him away. Bua threatens Anika to not take Sahil anyplace in order that she will be able to rejoice on Anika’s earnings all her life by victimisation Sahil.On the opposite hand, Oberoi brothers live a lavish, luxurious and tension free life. Everything is at the tip of their toe. they’re born made and haven’t any cash issues. simply the pretend family structure bothers the brothers. Shivaay regrets to possess pretend relations around him and loses believe love. little finger and Jhanvi have daily arguments reception. little finger desires the empire to return in Shivaay’s hands. Jhanvi is associate degree alcoholic and tries to cope up along with her sorrows. Tej includes a secretary Shwetlana, WHO is thought by everybody as his mistress. The dangerous equations between elders upsets the brothers, however they don’t let something have an effect on their bonding.

Shivaay and Anika’s meets don’t seem to be smart continuously. Shivaay includes a girlfriend transient ischemic attack, WHO returns from London. Rudra calls her woman cake, as she pretends to be terribly non secular. Shivaay finds her good lady for him. Omkara regards Shivaay’s relevancy be a deal with Tia’s family. Shivaay maintains the actual fact that transient ischemic attack is that the best life partner for him. Shivaay goes to satisfy transient ischemic attack at her house, and bumps into Anika on the manner. They each have associate degree argument. Anika throws garbage at his automotive. Shivaay then leaves during a chopper, that leaves Anika surprised. even if, Anika manages to succeed in a similar place before Shivaay. Anika delivers the food package at Tia’s place and gets to understand regarding Shivaay and Tia’s engagement. Omkara and Rudra attempt to win over Shivaay to fall taken with and marry the lady by his heart’s selection. Shivaay tells them that transient ischemic attack is extremely understanding.

Anika visits Oberoi house and Rudra gets her to help the creator in Shivaay’s engagement rehearsals. Shivaay lifts the ghunghat of the bride and gets appalled seeing Anika. Shivaay humiliates her vocation her margin junk. He advises Priyanka to decide on friends WHO area unit adequate to them in standing. Shivaay associate degreed Rudra have an argument, and later Shivaay fights with some goons at the tavern, succeeding to acquire Rudra’s smile. The brothers bond once more. Anika breaks down showing emotion recalling Shivaay’s humbling words.

Ishqbaaz Full Episode
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