Are You Planning To Sell Your iPhone 6, Here’s How To

Looking for selling your old iPhone 6? Think out of the box and sell it out on a deal-clincher global online marketplace that can give you a million buyers at the hit of a button. Trust me, reselling is a double-edged sword that gives you an untimely bonus to delve into brand new options and others to get their dream buy in cheaper deals.

If you were the early bird to snap up the Apple iPhone 6 when it first came to the market, and now feel that your crush has already reached its term, it’s not time for a guilt spree, but make way for others who were busy saving their wallet when you grabbed the brand new item for yourself. Did you know you could sell your branded gadget (not so brand new though) just like a Pro? Yes, when it comes to selling your iPhone 6, make sure you are on the right platform and you know all the USP to get your offer a sold-out event. Want to know more? This article will give you the right direction.

  • Be the smart seller

It is your time to make money from your not-so-new iPhone 6, you have two options in front of you. Either recycle your phone to a dealer or sell it to a prospective X, Y or Z customer who wants to pay a good price for your phone.  Whichever it might be, the first concern is getting to the right marketplace where your target segment is available in the gazillion. Next, use a proper eye-catching punch line that precisely places the sales pitch with no delusion. For example “Want To Sell My iPhone 6 Plus” is an instant head turner for your customers. However, make sure your pitch is specific, precise and concise.

Are You Planning To Sell Your iPhone 6, Here's How To

  • Know your phone

It’s important to know why your phone is a hot deal in the pick-me-up-cart. Your deep knowledge about your device can deliver the promises of authenticity when customers are looking for answers from you as a seller. Highlight the features of your iPhone when you put it to the sales clipboard and say why people should buy it.

Following are the features of your pixel perfect iPhone 6 which you must mention while throwing your sales pitch…

  1. An upscale design in full contrast to the classic iPhone models
  2. Curved edges and seamless design
  3. Ion-strengthened Retina HD screen
  4. Anodized aluminium backing
  5. Higher resolution
  6. iPhone 6 has a barometer
  7. The new iSight and FaceTime camera features
  8. “Voice over LTE,” or VoLTE
  9. The Apple Pay service
  10. Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  11. The second gen A8 chip processors
  • Place the right deal

Great that you finally decided to push your iPhone 6 to other’s shopping cart and never missed out mentioning the highlights like a PRO. But make no mistake to put up the correct sales price for your iPhone 6, else your customers have better options. Just take the valuation of your handset according to its condition and compare the market reselling value.

Finally, there is no debate to the fact that a knowledgeable seller can clinch better deals at any point of time. With today’s smart online selling forums, selling iPhones these days are just a one-step process which is fast, safe and hassle-free. So, don’t wait and sell your iPhone 6 now.