Dubai is known for construction jobs, hotel jobs, hospitality jobs and IT sector jobs. The state offers ample amount of job opportunities in Dubai. Dubai with some must watch tourist places make an attractive destination for visitors. And in turn generates very good vacancies in hotel management industry which is mainly involved in the lodging operations and hospitality management industry which encircles jobs related to hotels, management, sales and business development etc. thus ensuring job hiring on hotel jobs in Dubai every year.


What are the Benefits Associated with Jobs in Dubai

  • Dubai is an attractive place offering dynamic lifestyle that includes comfort and affordable products
  • For an expat, one of the major attraction is tax free income
  • English is the most common and widely spoken language in Dubai despite of the fact, Arabic is the official language of the state which makes it easier for the foreigners to communicate with the local residents
  • Offers amazing home ownership deal, with spacious homes in Dubai which makes it an ideal place for a person or an expat to work in Dubai.

Who can Apply for Jobs?

A student or a fresher or an experienced candidate can apply for the hotel jobs. For every candidate, criteria differ for example:

  • A student cannot directly apply for job instead they can work as an intern at first and then after that they can apply for the job
  • A fresher can prepare his/her CV highlighting the skills specifically related to the job
  • Last but not the least experienced candidate must update their resume.

Once you’ve prepared your CV or resume, start registering on different job portals and upload your CV or resume and then start searching for the jobs.

How can you Apply for Jobs?

Different job portals are there which helps fresher and experienced candidates to get jobs of their choices. Some of the leading job portals are listed below:

  1. Indeed
  2. com
  3. Monstergulf
  4. LinkedIn and many more

Scope of Hotel Jobs in Dubai

  • Finance controller
  • Deputy manager- accounts
  • Area sales manager
  • Housekeeping/ cleaners
  • Bell boy
  • Cook
  • Waiter
  • HR manager and many more.

Depending upon the qualification you will get job of your choice in booming industry of hotel i.e. if you are not very educated then  you are going to get a job matching this criteria like bell boy, waiter etc. and if you’re a graduate or master’s degree holder then high profile jobs are there for you like manger, HR etc.


Salary is the most important aspect which is considered by the professionals, who are already working or want to work in Dubai. Dubai is one of the costliest countries in the world. Dubai is known for high expenses which can be affordable only when you have right job with good salary. Hotel jobs salary range usually varies with profile, for example on an average $16332 per year is earned by hotel managers in Dubai etc.

Few more Reasons Why Hotel Jobs in Dubai are in Demand and Why one Should Give it Importance:

  • Ever-growing sector offering ample of job opportunities
  • Attractive salary is offered to the candidates, the job offer also comes with added advantage like perks or bonuses for those who are working over time
  • One of the most profitable points to be considered while opting for hotel jobs in Dubai that they have flexible working hour.

Considering as choice of workplace not only sounds interesting but proves to be fruitful in many ways.

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