LED Lighting: Know The Types & Uses

These days, homeowners and entrepreneurs have started to use LED lights to light up their premises and surroundings. This is because of the different benefits that this latest lighting technology has to bring.

LED Lighting: Know The Types & Uses

About LED lights

LED stands for the light emitting diode and is responsible to reflect and refract light rays through emissions. There is witnessed higher intensity and greater light efficiency. When LED lights are discussed in length, then they can be categorized into light emitting devices. It can emit specific light ray amount to serve a purpose of lighting within the desired area.

Commercial led lighting is fast becoming popular as they are much easier to be handled, completely safe to be used and designed to have a huge lifespan. Unlike that of incandescent lamps, they do not require specific time frame for warming up to glow brightly. Hence, they heat up less and consume lesser electricity. Since they are a good source to save on energy and bills, they are fast becoming the preferred lighting sources among households and commercial complexes across the globe. They are being used on a daily basis everywhere and its outcomes are witnessed to be always beneficial.


Commercial and residential led lighting fixtures can be found in various forms. The market is filled up with different types of varieties. Prior to making the final selection, it is important to know about them in details and its use. Being familiar with the different products can help the shopper to make the right decision.

  • Incandescent bulb: This is a wire filament to reflect light upon getting heated when electricity is supplied.
  • Compact fluorescent: This is considered to be an LED type which can help to save precious energy. This bulb can be fit easily into light fixtures.
  • Halogen bulb: This is also called tungsten halogen. There is present tungsten filament that is sealed within a compact transparent envelope.
  • Fluorescent bulb: This is regarded to be a mercury vapor, low pressure, gas discharge lamp and commonly used in those places requiring colorful lights.
  • Lumens: It does offer different types of reflection lights via a single channel and among the latest light emission variables.

Steps to follow during the purchase

This is another major step which the shopper needs to understand, so as to make a well-informed purchase.

  • Firstly, the shopper needs to be quite familiar with all the different LED light types sold in the market. At the same time, it will be necessary to know about specific requirements and needs of the place, where it is to be used.
  • It is equally important to know the size of the place where the LED bulb is to be fitted. Bigger areas will require using LED light in more numbers. Hence, the purchase quantity is to be equal to requirement quantity.
  • Bulk purchases can be made for meeting the huge requirements of commercial establishments. Online purchase can help the entrepreneur to save a good amount of money in the form of huge discounts.

Following the above give, tips can help the person to shop wisely for LED lights!

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