Extra Money Online With Upwork

Extra Money Online With Upwork

Ever wondered how you could make ends meet in college? You have to take all the classes and don’t have the time or energy to take on a real job. You need something you can do in your free time when ever you feel like it. After all you only need a few dollars. You can make it happen and it won’t take long I promise. You only need a couple of things to get started making pocket money and it all revolves around Upwork.

Extra Money Online With Upwork

1. A PayPal Account

You need a secure way to get your money. It is also one of the ways Upwork pays you. They pay as soon as you accept an offer but there is a short processing time.

2. Upwork Account

That should be the most obvious thing after all how can you publish content if you don’t have an account. The sign up takes 5 minutes if you have not already and you can then post comments with you name already, populate your profile and become active in the forum.

3. Something to type with

If you are reading this you probably already have access to Internet which is key to everything at the moment. You might even want to keep track of everything you are doing or need to do, so we advise Google Docs.

Okay once you have all these you are set. Its time to get started writing. First you must decide a couple of key things. Are you going to hand over exclusive rights to you work or not? Personally I do because I know I will probably never use these again anywhere else and I can post a link to them from my blog. Associated Content also pays you more when you give them exclusive rights.

Wait. You don’t like to write? You like making videos? There also employers for videos also. They also accept them faster and pay a nice chunk of money for them. The first thing I ever submitted was a video. I submitted it the day before Thanksgiving and got accept the day after. I got payed the same day after accepting an offer of eight dollars which is nice. I also have to consider the video was only thirty seconds long so estimate how much you could make if it was longer?

Moving on, you don’t have to spend much time writing. You can write a couple of articles a week and have enough money to pay your phone bill and some little spending money just buy writing about 4 articles a week. You don’t have to write about lengthy PhD topics. Write about what you know and you what you like. Write advice or explain how something works people will listen. Its hard to imagine in this day and time when you search something in Google and can’t find it. You can educate people about something that only you pay attention to and then be amazed at how many people will listen.

The one thing you have to remember is that you writing or making videos should not feel like a job. If you are not happy doing it then stop. Its not the thing for you and try to find an alternate method making money. Think about the people you could help by making a short how to video or reviewing a restaurant they were about to go to but found out its infested with rodents.

Upwork is about getting yourself heard meaningfully with an added bonus of money. Take advantage of it and you will be a happy person and so will others.

Good Luck! Look for a part two in the near future.