Assessment And Its Effect In The Workplace

Assessment And Its Effect In The Workplace

In a culture that demands intensity and competitiveness in all types of workplaces, being skilful or adept is what can make the difference between a good employee and a great one. There are more candidates to choose from today; then there were nearly five years ago. Each candidate is equipped with a skill-set that is well adapted to facing the challenges that today’s workplace brings about.

Tests and assessments are an advantageous way to help employers determine which candidate is suited to which tasks. They can also be intra-company and help with increasing the efficiency of production.

Assessment And Its Effect In The Workplace


Assessments during the time of hire can help employees get as much as a 30% better response rate from candidates and the quality of hire also goes up significantly. Testing can be very specific such as online aptitude tests, coding tests and subject tests. Each test has a very specific purpose. Aptitude tests are designed to test the problem-solving abilities and their general environment response. These tests can give a very systematic and statistical data set which helps employees decode what applicant is suited to which type of job and if the candidate is if at all ready to handle the work. They also help filter out candidates who belong to the top tier and can be very beneficial to hire. Coding and subject-specific tests are designed to test the knowledge and the application of the said knowledge by the applicant.     Like the other forms of assessment, these tests also yield data and stats which are paramount to employers as they can then deduct the quality and hierarchy among the candidates. There are other types of tests such as psychometric and personality tests, which are conducted after hiring and before being offered a job. These determine if the candidates are of sound mind and health and if they can face the work pressure and the challenges it presents.


Testing amidst the company employees can be highly beneficial; they are known to improve the production efficiency by up to 38%. Intra testing can be of many types, some of which include cognitive tests, aptitude assessments and subject tests. Cognitive tests are used

to determine if the candidate is still sharp and is functioning at a hundred percent. They are designed to the test the employee’s awareness and use of his cognition to his full advantage. Aptitude is something which can slowly but slightly improve over time. However, as time passes and a routine sets in at work, employees become lethargic and stop giving full effort. Aptitude tests at regular intervals can help stimulate the brain and keep them sharp. Subject-specific testing helps narrow down the employees into a group, which are suited to perform similar tasks and can get efficient and quality results. These tests have very different results but a combination of all the data and the stats from the results can be further analysed on a per candidate basis. This result is also given to the candidate to help them understand where they stand in terms of the competition and how they can improve and be even more beneficial.

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