A Job Hunters Guide To Searching Jobs Online

A Job Hunters Guide To Searching Jobs Online

The introduction of the personal computer, particularly the Internet, has brought major technological and behavioral changes to our personal and professional lives.

As such, going online and using the World Wide Web in your job search campaign provides major benefits – but watch out for the pitfalls.

A Job Hunters Guide To Searching Jobs Online


Career Coach John Groth offers five tips to make your resume stand out in cyberspace.

1. Secure a unique email address for your resume.

The use of a professional email address such as [email protected] is more attractive to recruiters than a personal email address that says [email protected]

2. Add a keyword professional summary.

Always add keywords to your resume and cover letter from keywords listed in the job description. This allows any scanning device used by human resources to select your resume from several others.

3. Keep to the facts.

If you overinflate your skills and experience, i.e. embellishing or even lying on a resume, it will soon be found out either in the job interview or while at work. Stick to the facts.

4. Key the resume content to the specific job opening.

If the job states “Fast typing and web savvy” are critical, you include in your resume if appropriate, “fast typist and web savvy.” You see the pattern required.

5. Creative use of job titles.

If a job you held could be described with several job titles include them in the resume. If at all possible list the job title that matches what the prospective employer is looking for. Project manager and team leader could mean the same thing, so make the adjustment.

The Pitfalls

Don’t be chained to your computer. The key is to use all your available resources, including library reference materials, attending meetings, picking up the telephone and calling people.

Most experts agree to limit your time online to one-quarter (25%) of the total time you dedicate to your job search.

If you have a MySpace or Facebook page, create a new professional one just for job searching and set the privacy settings to your other pages to “Only Friends” or “Private”. More than one job applicant has lost a job offering because of inappropriate content on their personal pages. [See more advice here.]

Above all else, take some time for yourself. Playtime!

The freedom to explore and develop interests outside of work and spending time chatting with friends are a few of life’s perks.