What is the Difference Between Web Hosting and Domain?

It is obvious that you will get confused between the term Domain and Web hosting, whenever you plan to design a website for your business. Here you get to know the detail explanation of the difference between a domain and web hosting.

Key features of a hosting server:-

The hosting server is one of the types of “Virtual Space” where you can store multimedia content, scripts, CSS files and HTML code of the website. There are two types of services in hosting one is free and second is paid and both have unique features.

What is the Difference Between Web Hosting and Domain?

The free hosting solution involves the publication of advertising banners on your website in exchange for usage of services. You get limitations on this type of services like limited support, space, databases and other technologies.

Whereas in paid hosting service you get control and availability. In the market, you will get multiple providers who offer best hosting solutions like Cheap VPS Hosting, Dedicated server hosting, etc. It’s your call which plans you choose for your website depending on your budget and other requirements.

As I said before, you will get multiple providers in the market and it is your duty to evaluate certain things before signing up. The main thing that you need to do is check the space offered, price, support, other technical terms. In case you are looking for cloud hosting then check whether you are getting a scaling option because this will save your resources, time and money.

You can take a free demo of one month before signing up or check pre-sale service of the provider. In addition, we at MilesWeb offer all types hosting solutions at affordable cost along with 24*7 support, 99.95% Uptime, Money back guarantee and other features included in the plan.  

Key Features of a Domain?

A Domain is the name of the website that you use to represent your business globally. In short, we can also say that it is a translation of the server IP on which page is hosted.

However, the structure of the URL varies as per the types of address. Like for e.g., page ending with address .com is used for business services, .gov is used for government institutions, .org set for non-government organizations. You will get a complete address like http://www.name-of-site.com, where HTTP helps the browser to identify the communication protocol. Whereas www refers to the page available widely and last is the extension which you have chosen like .com, .gov, .org and more. Due to the development of the technology, it is made simple to browse the website without typing “www” before the domain.

Now you must be getting the question that how to get a domain? The answer is simple, you can contact one of the best hosting providers and check the domain availability. If the domain which you have chosen is not taken by anyone else, then you can register that domain and make a payment. After that, you have to configure the DNS values for the domain to work on your site. DNS is answerable to change your domain to the IP address of the hosting server where your site is hosted. Your provider will make DNS available to you easily.

You can get the plan more than one year or more numbers of the year during registration. If you forgot to renew your domain, then you will lose the ownership of the domain.

How domain and hosting get fitted into the creation of a web page?

There is no other way to design and publish the web page without using hosting server and the registration of a domain. Both works simultaneously after that people on the web can access the content. Hosting server is like home and domain would be the address. With this, anyone can search the query on the internet. This is the two main parts of the page, therefore, company should get the best service to register a domain along with the hosting. However, this avoids the inconvenience and increase the reliability of the website.

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