Top Tips for Planning a Fusion Indian-English Wedding

Fusion weddings are increasingly becoming popular, particularly in the UK. These weddings are comprised of couples with different backgrounds and faiths who meet, fall in love, and decide to tie the proverbial knot.

But if you are a planning to have a fusion wedding, it can be understandably complex and difficult. There are some top tips you should remember, however, and couples who have done it before have plenty of advice to give. Here are some top tips for planning a fusion Indian-English wedding.

Make your decisions early on

You need to make important decisions early on. These decisions include how you would like to celebrate your wedding day, and which ceremonies you would like to have. You also have to decide if you want one single ceremony or if you are fine doing two. You can also choose to have your own customised ceremony; for instance, rather than have the seven-step rituals, you can simply walk 7 steps down the aisle, and at each of the 7 steps, someone from the family will give you a blessing which is proper to that particular step.

Some couples have also opted to have two ceremonies – a ceremony in church one day, and an Indian wedding the next day. Alternatively, you can have two ceremonies in one single day, with the church ceremony in the morning, the Indian wedding ceremony afterwards, and the reception in the evening. Special Indian wedding venues like the venues at Heythrop Park can give you the wedding ceremonies you require, but the point is to decide what you want from the beginning.

Don’t be afraid to compromise

Of course, when you are planning a fusion wedding, it’s hard not to take everyone’s concerns and opinions into consideration. It’s difficult to blend two cultures, and you can have a lot of pressure from both sides. For instance, in the English tradition, the wedding cake will simply be cut by the couple, but in Indian weddings, the cake has to be given or fed to the parents, grandparents, and siblings. This is where you have to talk everything through, be open, and don’t be afraid to make compromises for peace to reign.

One of the biggest compromises, in fact, is deciding on the number of wedding guests. An Indian wedding is often a large event, and English weddings are not as large. In determining the number of wedding guests, you have to consider your budget as well, and your budget is actually a good way to logically decide how many guests you really want to have.

Plan everything well in advance

In essence, when you have a fusion wedding, it’s like planning two weddings. This is why it’s better to plan everything well in advance so you have time to decide on everything without thinking about time constraints.

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