How Are Marketing Agencies Leveraging Artificial Intelligence For Effective Advertisement?

How Are Marketing Agencies Leveraging Artificial Intelligence For Effective Advertisement

How are marketing agencies leveraging Artificial Intelligence for effective advertisement?

When you are in any business it is important for you to know that marketing plays the role of the heart and soul of your business. You definitely need to understand how important it is for you to do this advertisement thing efficiently and effectively. A great marketing strategy can lead you to the success you had always wanted to achieve. There is no doubt in the fact that you need to develop and plan your marketing strategy such that you conquer the whole business world because unless and until the marketing plan is huge nothing is going to work. This is because the marketing techniques are evolving every now and then at a rapid speed so you need to be best at what you do.

Nowadays, the efficient and professional advertisers are using Artificial Intelligence as an effective strategy to help the brands to enhance the customer’s journey. As soon as the people realized the importance of Artificial Intelligence in the marketing automation industry, they managed to find the tools being used and now those tools are accessible and affordable to the medium and small sized businesses as well.

How Are Marketing Agencies Leveraging Artificial Intelligence For Effective Advertisement

Now it is time for us to see how we can leverage the artificial intelligence for better advertisement:

  1. Artificial Intelligence enhancing PPC: as we all know about the PPC services, the advertisers have set up a strict budget for AdWords and Facebook. But then now as we speak of Artificial Intelligence, we are able to explore all the new platforms for PPC with its help. This is just similar to what Facebook has been doing with its ad delivery for optimizing target. For example, Albert is an Artificial Intelligence advertising platform providing autonomous media buying.
  2. A great website response with amazing experience: we agree to the fact that AI cannot help you build a new website just from the ruins but it can help you have the best visitor response. It can be easily done with intelligent personalization on your website. Have you ever heard of the push notifications? These are the behavioral notifications which are personalized to individual users so that the right messages could be delivered to them.
  3. Power of Artificial Intelligence in Content Creation: we can use the AI narrators that are designed to read the content and it would seem like written by some human. You can set the rules and formats and also the writer’s style which is best for your brand and would serve you the best. There are Artificial Intelligently built tools like Rocco which will get you the best social media content which will impress and influence your audience on the web.
  4. Voice Search: This is one of the best applications of Artificial Intelligence Marketing and when it comes to using it people tend to trust service providers like Amazon, Apple, and Google. What voice search is doing is changing eth demeanors of working with SEO strategies and that is why all the brands are required to speed up their pace. It is statistically proved that the brands that are using voice search are leveraging profits in organic traffic with the gain of high purchase. This increased traffic is credited to the efforts of AI-driven virtual personal assistants.
  5. Applications such as chatbots: There is a secret we are going to tell you right now which is- if you have recently had an encounter where you chatted with a customer service executive of a brand on visiting their website, then you have had a chat with a bot. Today in every industry from electronic to fashion chatbots are there to provide you with the best possible customer support. That is why it is confirmed that they are great at generating personalized contents and they are doing a better job than humans. They are having an access to all the relevant data point related to their customers. These bots are not just about giving you the customer support but also they can explain you about some product with amazing detailing.
  6. Artificial Intelligence powered Customer Insights: we always want to have the best marketing insights and that is why we have seen people crunching numbers for a long time and getting the results. But this is not the case with AI-driven technology which can get you the customer insights just at a click. Dynamic Yield is doing the same thing for big and huge brands like Sephora, Armour and Urban Outfitters. There are certain algorithms that will create a customer insight based on geo-specific events, on-site interactions, referral source, psychographic factors, purchase behaviors and many other factors which you think are important.
  7. Automated Image Recognition: If you are also one of those billion users of Google Photos then you might have experienced its amazing intelligence of recognizing people and images. Isn’t it amazing? It is like some superhuman is doing this job for Google and making it a rock star in the world of AI marketing because the accuracy is as high as 99%. There are some other big names as well which are using this automated image recognition like Amazon, Facebook, and Pinterest. The world’s best marketers and advertisers think that it could be a better sync between online content and store visits. Now if you think of using it then you must because this way you can identify your favorite or frequent customers and so that you can offer those discounts.
  8. Intelligent Email Content Curation: It takes a lot of effort to generate a great content for your newsletters or emails that you are going to send to your customers. You would never be able to know how the customer is reacting to your effort. So that is where AI is helping you with the algorithms that can map the customers’ experience with your website.

If you want to lead in the competition and you want to display the best of your abilities then Artificial Intelligence kind of advertisement is the best road for you to opt.

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