Treating Brain Abnormalities With Gamma Knife Surgery

Treating Brain Abnormalities With Gamma Knife Surgery

Gamma knife surgery is also known as stereo tactic radio surgical procedure. It is considered to be an effective treatment solution for several brain abnormalities that were previously considered to be untreatable. This is found to be effective both with regards to time taken for treatment and cost involved.

Treating Brain Abnormalities With Gamma Knife Surgery

What is stereo tactic surgery?

It is actually a highly precise radiation therapy form that is used for treating various types of brain diseases and tumors. Rather, it is an advanced procedure performed without making any kind of incision on brain tissue. It is also a non-invasive technique that offers physicians the chance to operate on brain lesions without making any incision. The treatment procedure does comprise of equipment which directs gamma radiations to the brains focused region to destroy diseased tissue present without affecting healthy tissue. There are directed in total 192 highly precise gamma radiation beams through protective helmet for destroying the diseased tissue.

Who is eligible for gamma knife surgical procedure?

The fact is gamma knife treatment cost India is much lower than the developed countries. But not every patient will be able to avail this surgical procedure. Gamma knife is found to be effective towards treating various types of brain abnormalities. It is an effective treatment to those patients suffering from abnormal Arterio Venous malformations, Parkinson’s disease, Tumors and Trigeminal neuralgia.

Conditions like AVM where abnormal blood vessel tangles are found in the brain, might bleed, thus causing hemorrhagic stroke and seizures. This is a highly effective form of surgery. Moreover, there takes place a condition known as Trigeminal neuralgia, where pain occurs around cranial nerves close to the brain base. This pain radiates to pressure points within the face region, thus making condition completely unbearable to some patients. The surgery when availed can be found quite relieving.

Studies have revealed that tumor growth can be stopped in about 90% cases. Also, it helps tumors to shrink in most of the cases. Malignant tumors and acoustic neuromas are benign tumors which spread quickly can be treated effectively.

Treatment procedure

The following steps are involved in this procedure:

  • Stereotactic frame application
  • Image acquisition
  • Radiation delivery
  • Dosage planning
  • Radiation delivery

The major component of gamma knife surgery has been termed to be Stereotactic Head Frame. It is regarded to be a tool which allows locating the diseased tissue or tumor and to perform the proper treatment. the patient’s head is attached to the head frame using screws to ensure precise targeting of radiation beams. Also, all unwanted head movements are prevented during the treatment procedure, thus targeting brain areas only to receive the radiations.

Once head frame is properly placed, the brain lesion, tumor or abnormality is diagnosed using MRI or CT. It helps to locate shape, size, and location. Blood vessel abnormality can be treated with the angiogram. Images and markers on the head frame can help to plan for lesion treatment. Once treatment is completed, the patient gets laid down on treatment table having head frame being attached to the helmet. Then gamma rays get irradiated and abnormal tissue gets damaged, thus saving enclosing surrounding healthy tissues. Gamma knife treatment in India cost is quite affordable, thus helping patients to get precise treatment.

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