Making The Right Use Of Online Recruitment Solution

Making The Right Use Of Online Recruitment Solution

Nowadays, everything is going digitalized because of which there are so many new options coming up in the market. However, when you look for better hiring, you need to understand that online can serve as the right platform provided you actually choose the right source that is well secured and can be kept confidential. With the increasing rate of fraud, it has become quite challenging to actually choose and come up with the solution that would offer better online solution and that is why you are advised to make a good research. Let us explore in detail about the online solution and how it can be used in the hiring process.

Know the types of recruitment:

Recruitment process is generally categorized into two sections which are internal and external recruitment. In internal recruitment, the process of hiring takes place within the organization where as in case of external recruitment, the process of hiring is done by promoting about the opening through mediums like advertising, social media or online job listing. Generally the process of online recruitment is done for those who usually get shortlisted through external recruitment. Such type of platform is solely used to understand whether the skills and capabilities which the person has actually mentioned in the CV are accurate or not.

Understanding the concept of online recruitment:

Online recruitment which is also called as online proctored exam is a part of hiring process which is quite popular and in demand in today’s time. Such type of proctoring solution allows the candidate to actually understand the working of the organization at the same time; the company gets a clear and accurate viewpoint about the candidate’s skills and work practice. Ideally such type of exam does not restrict the person to visit the office and give the exam since it allows the candidate to give the test from any location. However, there are some security measures that are followed such as:

Web cams: It has got a web cam which a candidate is supposed to keep on all the time till the exam. The purpose of web cam is to make sure that candidate does not misuse or visit frequently somewhere out.

Inbuilt software: the browser is well protected with software because of which, a candidate becomes restrictive on using any other source from where he/she can get the information. Even if the person browsers to another explorer, the warning pops up to the examiner.

As compared to the sources like advertising and personal interview, hiring through online option is the safest option. Besides, it gives the accurate result and ensures that as a recruiter, you are able to make the decisions in less time span. However, it is also true that you need to select the right candidate only after understanding the job role and accordingly conducting the type of assessment matching his profile. So make your time, invest wisely but make sure the decision that you make is actually a value for money solution on which you will not have to be repent later.