Making People Aware Of Fraud

When it comes to tackling fraud, one of the biggest issues that law enforcement agencies have to deal with is a lack of awareness. There are many different types of people in the world today and these groups go about their life in different ways. With social media, it is easy to reach out to young people and provide them with information that will hopefully help them to be more cautious or to act in a more productive manner when it comes to limiting the likelihood of fraud happening.

This is always a good thing because the more people who are aware of fraud and of the potential damage it can cause, the better. When people are aware of certain risky situations, they can take steps to avoid it, and this has to be seen as a good thing. However, when you have people that don’t use social media, how can you reach out to them? This can be very difficult but there are creative ways in which you can reach a different target market and tell them about fraud which could negatively impact on their life.

Steps should be taken to increase awareness of fraud

In the UK near the end of 2017, there has been a big fraud storyline running in The Archers. The Archers is a long-running and popular show on BBC Radio 4, and there has been a storyline on the show pinpointing investment fraud and the damage it can cause to people. This is a great thing because it means that people who may not use social media or who focus on tips and warnings can be informed about this style of crime. Anything which helps people to be aware of the dangers associated with modern life has to be seen as a positive aspect and Action Fraud have welcomed the storyline.

In the annual Crime Survey for England and Wales, it was reported that there is an estimated 3.6 million cases of fraud on an annual basis. This return is enough to make fraud the most common offence, and the style of investment scam featured on the show is a major issue for many people. The police believe that this is a very costly type of scam and it is also one that is often under-reported. You can see why a lot of people would prefer not to divulge they were scammed out of money.

Some People feel embarrassed by being a victim of fraud

This is a very embarrassing situation for many people and there is a great deal to be said for not dwelling on it. However, this is a short-term view and while the victim may seem slightly embarrassed, there is a great deal to be said for going public. This is because talking about the scam may make other people aware of the problem, which could be the difference in succumbing to the fraud or not. While you may not want to be seen as someone who falls foul of these scammers, you will find that preventing other people falling victim to this style of fraud is something that is worth focusing on.

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While some listeners of The Archers may not dwell too much on the fraud storyline, it has to be said that some people will stop and think about situations they are involved in. If a few people stop and think about their own circumstances and come to the conclusion that they are at risk, and therefore change route or take a different tact, then the storyline will have a great success. You may not credit shows like The Archers with having a big influence on society but this is definitely something that can make life a bit brighter for many folk.

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