Amazing Upcoming Innovations in Dentistry

Amazing Upcoming Innovations in Dentistry

Modern dentistry has come a long way since the days of simple extractions. Today, everyone can enjoy a healthy, attractive smile, regardless of dental problems. Teeth whitening, dental implants and improved methods of straightening are widely available. However, in the future, patients will see even more amazing innovations in the dental field.

Amazing Upcoming Innovations in Dentistry

3-D Printed Crowns

The technology that allows immediate 3-D printing of products will allow dentists to provide attractive, custom-formed prosthetic teeth for patients who need missing or damaged teeth replaced. These custom-designed teeth will provide a better fit and appearance than current dental lab created replacements.

Nano-Bots for Diagnosis and Treatment

Nanotechnology is opening up new advances in many industries and are extending into both medical treatment and dental care. This science deals with the manipulation of matter at the molecular level, permitting the use of new materials and processes. In the future, patients will see microscopic robots examine tissues, realign teeth, deliver anesthetics and even diagnose physical illnesses that may contribute to dental problems.

Tooth Transplants

The idea of tooth transplants has been a possibility since the first successful organ transplantation, and as these medical procedures have improved, they have made tooth transplants a reality. However, tooth transplants procedures are still considered difficult, with a variety of problems such as infection, pain or problems with the nerve requiring root canal procedures or loss of the tooth. In the procedure, a tooth is taken from one part of the dental arch and moved to another position to replace a tooth that has been damaged or lost. Generally, the procedures are done on younger patients who have lost a permanent tooth. As the techniques improve, tooth transplant procedures may be more widely available, and may even include teeth that are clones from the patient’s own cells.

Disease Diagnosis with Dental Sensors

High-tech sensors are being created that can be used in dental practice to provide important information that can improve dental health for patients. Apps will be available to tell patients of how long and how hard they are brushing, detect excessive acidity, determine blood alcohol levels and even alert individuals to bad breath. They will also be able to monitor blood sugar levels and heart rates to ensure patients are managing their medical conditions effectively.

As in other facets of healthcare, dental services will enjoy a variety of transformational innovations in the coming years. Technologies will allow more comfortable, attractive replacement teeth. They will also be instrumental in advancing general health. Dentists like A-Dental Center will become an even more critical member of your healthcare team.