Indian Railways: India’s Pride

Indian Railways: India’s Pride

Indian Railways right from its launch during British times has been able to win the hearts of the mass. Presently, it has become the most favoured medium of transport as it helps people to move across the country at any point of time and anywhere. Indian Railways is said to have played a crucial role in the development of the country as well as its overall economy. Today, what the country has achieved would not have possible without the railways.

Indian Railways: India’s Pride

The Pride of India

  • Ease of travel: From the very first train that ran, Indian Railways has progressed and evolved continuously and become the number one transport lifeline of the country. Although, there are present other forms of transport, but it is the railways that has always been occupying the top slot. They have been providing impeccable services something that has been helping everyone, be it families, friend or corporate groups, entrepreneurs, students, etc. Everyone has been finding the services of the railways to be immensely useful and valuable, a fact that simply cannot be denied.
  • Wide network: Slowly and steadily, over the decades, the number of stations, platforms, trains and coaches has only increased to accommodate more passenger and goods traffic. Today, it is said to support millions of people who have been travelling every now and then for various reasons, be it for marriage, job interview, education, meeting relatives and the like. Whatever be it, the huge network does help people to stay connected with one another easily and effortlessly.
  • Great comfort and convenience:Gone are the days, when passengers had to stay in the train for hours and even days to reach their desired destination located in other part of the country. The superfast and express trains have only mad traveling all the more fun, exciting and quick. The government and the railways have been trying to improve the existing infrastructure and to launch the advanced types of trains including bullet trains to reduce travel time. With increasing passengers every day, the railways also have introduced new trains in almost each and every route, to ensure that it accommodates the needs of each and every traveller at all times. These days, it is noticed that trains in all routes are full and even being booked months before to ensure reserved seats.
  • Oneness:Moving through the breadth and length of the country, Indian Railways has helped people of the country to become one and identify each other’s cultures, way of life, habits, lifestyle, language, food habits and much more.

One can also check with online the pnr status Indian railway to know their reservation status. Seats have also been changed even in the second class sleepers and general sitting to ensure that passengers travelling the long distance do not face any kind of discomfort or uneasiness. The seats are very much comfortable and cosy and help the travellers to feel at home and experience less jerks and movements of the train.

It is for all these reasons that it can be safely said that Indian Railways has been shortening distances, connecting people and making life all the more easy and satisfying and truly the pride of the country.

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