Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 11th December 2017 Full Episode Written Updates

Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 11th December 2017 Full Episode Written Updates

The New Episode of Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai starts with Naina appearance on quiet. Principal asks Sameer what was the film’s name that created Naina quiet. Naina smiles. Principal tells that lady area unit prior to boys and have won. Shanti teacher asks women to penalise the boys. Naina says Sameer shall tell some poetry.. Principal says he doesn’t grasp any poetry. Munna asks Naina to mention. Swati asks Naina to inform some poetry. Naina says Sameer can say. They cheer for him. Sameer asks her to inform the poetry. Naina says ok, i’ll tell the poetry and tells the poetry that Sameer had written in his diary. Sameer appearance on stunned. Naina forgets the lines. Sameer completes the poetry lines. everybody claps for him. Tumse Milke song plays,Naina says this writerry’s poet is Sameer maheshwari. Munna and Pandit raise once did this appen.

Principal says there’s such a lot depth during this and asks however did he write this. Later Sameer asks Naina wherever she got his diary. Naina says once she visited his area to induce match stick, she found it and skim. She felt the depth and pain in it. Sameer says no matter he feels, he writes down in diary. Naina says it’s your heart’s mirror. Sameer asks if she likes poetry. Naina asks him to inform poetry all life.

Sameer appearance on. Naina says you’ll scan your poetry perpetually. Sameer asks what you may Maktab al-Khidmat American state hear? Naina says she writes stories. Sameer says ok, and offers her four words I, you, love and family. Voiceover tells that Sameer was taking her take a look at oblivious to him that it absolutely was straightforward for her as her life is encircled by those words. He says you writes well and asks her ne’er to prevent writing. She apologizes to him on Pankaj and her behalf for job him criminal. Sameer remembers the bet and also the insult.

Naina says you appearance thus smart currently. Sameer says i need to inform you one thing and says I don’t like this dress, and says sorry. Naina says she didn’t feel dangerous and asks why you’re telling this currently. Sameer says he don’t wish to lie these days. Naina says this is often a special dress and she or he wears it at special occasions. Sameer says it’s a bear dress. Naina says you’re extremely dangerous. They see the celebs. Naina says even the celebs area unit happy like North American country.

Sameer says it’s progressing to be morning shortly. Naina says lets go and watch sunrise and asks him to induce camera. Naina’s voiceover tells that they were each about to grasp one another, she came to grasp another sameer within him. They watch the sunrise.

Sameer says he didn’t grasp that there area unit such a big amount of colours in sky. Naina says I came to grasp concerning somebody yesterday, smiles. He says he’s seeing sunrise for initial time. Naina says even I haven’t saw lovely morning like this before. Sameer says lets click the pics. She poses for the pics. Sameer takes her pics. A song play,

Later Sameer poses whereas Naina takes his pic. They each take the pics and dances too. He says night was smart and morning started with sunrise, he says he loves this mountain, place and says I love.and looks at her. Naina’s voiceover tells that she needed Sameer to finish the road. She says I love and then stops. Sameer stopped as he didn’t have the spirit to betray her for bet. Naina smiles and runs.

Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai Full Episode

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