How To Improve Your Site’s Ranking With HTTPS

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How To Improve Your Site’s Ranking With HTTPS

Like any company, companies like Spectra Tapes want to show up high on Google organically for certain keywords they know customers are searching for. There are many tricks and tips to follow for best practices in various places such as online blogs, podcasts, books, trade shows and so on. One variable that has taken some precedence in the last few years is the use of HTTPS. It is known that Google would improve rankings for websites that encrypt it with the use of HTTPS.

Just to clarify, HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. The difference between HTTP and HTTPS is that the former is open for anyone to see whereas the latter uses a security layer called secure sockets layer for added encryption. The benefits of HTTPS are clearly it is more secure, data integrity and authenticity proving the public is communicating with the intended people behind the site.

The truth is with the added use of HTTPS, it will obviously not get you to the first page of Google with that alone. But if you are competing with a competitor on a keyword closely, this will give you an edge and outrank non-secure sites.

But just how many companies have made the switch? According to ahrefs, about 65% of sites don’t have HTTPS or have some kind of error in their setup. Even though Google will give your site a little edge on ranking, there are some issues people have had migrating their site.

The first issue is time since larger sites would have to use up more engineering hours going through the migration. When you hear labor, there is also cost that is another factor. Not only will it cost more in man-hours but you would also need the hardware, software and other purchases. The larger your site, the most expensive it will be for the amount of bandwidth and computing power. Lastly, if you don’t know how to implement the switch correctly, it may end up hurting your site’s rankings in the end.

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