Cost-Cutting Guide: 15 Easy Ways To Buy Christmas Presents On A Budget

Cost-Cutting Guide: 15 Easy Ways To Buy Christmas Presents On A Budget

The Christmas is snapping at our heels. Of course, you want more magic, brightly decorated houses, Christmas presents, cinnamon aroma and hot cocoa everywhere in the city. If you want to buy presents for Christmas, you have to visit specialized shops or, traditionally, go to the main city square for Christmas sales. Thus, the main city square in Madrid, Mercado navideño en la Plaza Mayor, is turned into the charming place: street shops and palaces full of the Christmas sweets and nuts. How about Porto, the new Fashion capital of Portugal? You may go to the main city square Avenida dos Aliados for shopping or hire a car in Porto and drive to find the new concept shops.

Nearly three-quarters of Americans still have to buy gifts for Christmas from i-shops or concept shops, not matter. Winter holidays period is a hot season to spend money. Shopping and finance experts spill their secrets for maximizing a deal and paying off holiday bills in record time. Don’t let the holiday season take much of your savings! Take care of your budget with this guide to managing spending.

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Collect Cash Back

It is recommended to use Dosh, application that helps to collect your cash back from the supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants and other places. You need to connect you credit card with the application and use it for you holiday shopping and apply the cash to help pay off your credit card later.

Save Budget in the Short Term

Just sign up for a free trial of ShopRunner or Amazon Prime. For 30 days, you can enjoy free two-day shipping from both companies and free returns from ShopRunner. If you suddenly want to cancel the deal, set a reminder to do it before the trial expires to avoid being charged. Nothing difficult!

Buy in Bulk

This is very useful and helpful advice for holiday shopping. If you’re a member of Costco or Sam’s Club, purchase a gift basket and divvy up the contents. Last year, Sam’s Club sold a set of five coffee tumblers, with cocoa mix and marshmallows, for $20. That’s just $4 per gift! You see, the prices are much lower! So, why don’t you try to buy a present to all friends!

Find Discounts

Sales and discounts are the saving hands for all present hunters. For the truly last-minute shopper, Walgreens and CVS offer same-day pickup for gifts like photo books and calendars at very affordable prices. Why don’t you buy them as a sweet and hearty present for Christmas?

Get Instant Cash Off

What a great idea to use modern technologies for shopping! Of course, many people prefer online shopping to running from the shop to shop. So, try to install a free plug-in on your Internet browser. The program automatically finds and applies the best coupons and deals at checkout. You can use Gumdrop to give to charity. Look for the activate donation button while you’re shopping online.

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Send an E-card

Such popular selling platforms as Best Buy, Amazon, Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, and The Home Depot, and many others, offer their gift cards via email within minutes of purchase.

Go Out Together for Presents

Kids are big lovers of Christmas presents and performances. If your child is asking for a big-ticket item that is very expensive for you, you may organize a group gift. You may use iSow, a free service that allows kids and parents to request donations from other family members and friends toward a dream gift, like a trip to Disney World or buying new computer.

Lock in the Lowest Price

What is the most popular platform for shopping where you can get the cheapest price? Of course, everyone is a fan of the Amazon app for price-matching. Even if there’s no time left for Amazon Prime shipping, scan any item at Best Buy, Toys R Us, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, using the app, and if the price is lower on Amazon, simply request a price match at the register. It needs some time but this is the time you are saving your money!

Get Free Advice

Think of the Clarity Money app as an automatic financial adviser. The app will find discounts to lower bills and help you stick to budgets and save toward a goal.

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Make a Payoff Plan

Don’t be lazy to count! To break your debt into more manageable chunks, choose a specific date, say three or six months from now, by which you hope to pay it off. This will help you calculate how much money you should put toward your debt every pay period. So, if you want to buy something really expensive, you may pay for it by parts.

Try to Eat at Home

You may cook at home and eat home-made breakfast and dinner instead of restaurant food. It must be useful and cheaper than the same dish at the restaurant. The saving money you may spend for the Christmas shopping. Who knows, maybe you will like the idea to eat at home? This is a pretty good habit, indeed.

Make Savings Every Day

The modern banks are full of useful proposals to save your money. For example, the Bank of America Keep the Change program to save the change from every your purchase to your saving account. It happens every time when you pay with your card and money are saved automatically.

Pay Twice a Month

If you don’t have the extra funds to pay more than the minimum on your credit card each month, pay half the minimum twice a month. This service is available automatically to avoid having to think about the dates.

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Avoid New Credit Cards

Be careful! You may be impressed a lot with the store credit deals. The taxes are as big as the sales are! Instead, use the points on your current card to save.

Use a Windfall Wisely

Of course, if you have free money you want to buy more presents. From the other hand, if you could save some money, why don’t you start paying debts? The best gift you can give yourself is to start the new year debt-free.

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