5 Offbeat Things To Do In New Delhi

5 Offbeat Things To Do In New Delhi

As we all know, New Delhi is a very renowned city. Being the capital city of India, it is often visited by people who visit this place from various corners of the world. Delhi has a large number of attractions to offer, and it is evident that it never fails to amaze its visitors. New Delhi is such a city which has embraced past traditions and present trends at the same time without any hesitation, and it makes it’s each and every visitor experience the same in a concise period of time.

5 Offbeat Things To Do In New Delhi

5 Offbeat Things to do in New Delhi:

Other than the normal shopping and the visitor’s urge to visit Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikhri, there are many other things which can be done while residing in Delhi. A true traveller states that it is always better to explore and discover the concealed talents and attractions which exists in each and every corner of the world. New Delhi is a city of wonders has a lot to offer to its visitors, so the visitors also need to justify their thirst for traveling and exploring. In a city where almost every lane has a different story of its own, one needs to be smart enough to discover the unknown in the short duration of the visit.

While staying in New Delhi, one needs a minimum amount of time to discover the underrated places and activities, it is a fact that the Delhi hotel prices are quite reasonable to synchronize with their motto. One should not miss the following things in New Delhi:

  1. Shopping at the Delhi Haat flea market:

      This open-air market is the ultimate breeding ground for culture, food, and souvenirs. It is obvious to remain crowded, but one should not miss the chance of collecting the exceptional items which are available in this place at a reasonable price. Apart from this, one can enjoy the local delicacies here to experience a taste of their lifetime.

  1. Taking a Romantic Walk Down The Mughal Gardens:

      This magnificent destination is located in the Rashtrapati Bhavan. One should not miss a chance to visit this place to enjoy its serenity and calm ambience. According to reviews, this place always fills a mind with calmness and refreshment so that the person can relax and think of something constructive.

  1. Catwalking Down The Renowned Connaught Place:

      The Connaught place is perhaps the most popular area of New Delhi. This place offers everything a visitor would like to have such as food, garments and other shopping necessities. The food items which are available in this area are famous for their wide variety and mouthwatering taste. This place is indeed congested, but this does not reduce the percentage of offerings this place can provide.

  1. Visiting the Past at The Humayun’s Tomb:

      The famous Humayun’s Tomb is a must to visit place in New Delhi. This site of heritage has an ancient existence, and it is recognized by the UNESCO as well. This extensive zone is bordered by some other tombs such as Babur’s tomb and much more. It is self-explanatory that discovering this place needs enough time and one should not miss this heritage.

  1. Connecting with The Lotus Temple:

      This holy place does not discriminate people by caste, creed, and religion. It welcomes people from every religion and provides a scope of meditation and the sufficient time to relax. This place is the ultimate zone where one can find the peace of their mind. For this reason, one should be aware of its timings, not to miss a chance to visit this place.

These places are magnificent and fascinating on their own, there are other places also which can cause amazement. One needs to possess that mentality to travel across New Delhi and experience its various wonders. To synchronize this, New Delhi will also provide its best options as we know the Delhi hotel prices are sometimes reasonable.

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