Jaisalmer – India’s Best Location For Camel Safari

Jaisalmer – India’s Best Location For Camel Safari

When you hear Jaisalmer, all you can remember is the camel safari. The unique camel safari in Jaisalmer is known around the world and visitors from all parts of the world visit this place to experience the bumpy rides on camels. It’s an amazing experience to ride on the tall animal holding its hump.

The camel safari takes you across the Thar Desert and it covers remote areas of the sandy region, which is hard to walk. You can have a glance of the best gardens and enjoy the rich fauna and flora. The ride on the camel takes you to the interior villages of Jaisalmer, which gives you the sight of ancient civilization and traditions. The villages are still cut off from the modern developing nation so you can enjoy the purest form of nature, culture, and tradition here. The sunset view is the best moment to enjoy while you are in the Camps in Jaisalmer.

One Night in The Desert, on the Sands, Watching the Stars & Moon

Camel is the best mode of transportation to move around the desert. While you are on a camel safari, you must not miss spending the nights in the desert. One night stay in the desert would take you closer to the traditions of Rajasthan and we are sure you would love it. The natives would welcome you with the traditional aarti, tikka, and dhol, which will be accompanied by Rajasthan folk music, dance and mouthwatering food so book instant Jaisalmer Tour Package from Here.

Jaisalmer – India’s Best Location For Camel Safari

Safety Tips During Camel Safari

You must agree that the morning rides and the late afternoon ride on the hot sands would leave you tanned. You must carry a hat or cap to protect your head from excessive heat, wear your sunglasses and apply enough sunscreen lotion. You need to wear light clothing. Long sleeves, long trousers, and boots are the best. You need to carry enough water, snacks and medical kit. If you are traveling in winters, you need to take your jerkins and woolen clothes to manage the freezing cold nights.

Major Attractions of Jaisalmer

Watching the sunrise and sunset are the best things to do in the desert. While you are on the bumpy ride, you can view the oasis and visit Kuldhara, which is an abandoned village in Jaisalmer. You can choose different camel safari, which ranges from half a day to maximum of six days safari. The cost of Camel safari per day would range from 800 -1800 INR per person. This may differ during off-season and peak season.

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