Is Go4hosting A Better Choice from ZNetLive or CtrlS?

Is Go4hosting A Better Choice from ZNetLive or CtrlS?

Go4hosting, ZNetLive and CtrlS have all made names for themselves in the world of web hosting for being reliable and reputed providers. However, Go4hosting appears to be a far better choice than most others because of its unparalleled customer services, affordable hosting packages and fault-resilient data centers. No wonder then why Go4hosting is perhaps a better choice as compared to ZNetLive or CtrlS when it comes to choosing a good provider for your business. An analysis o the various features and advantages provided by Go4hosting may help one understand why it continues to score ahead of other web hosting services.

Is Go4hosting A Better Choice from ZNetLive or CtrlS?

Reasons why Go4hosting is better than ZNetLive or CtrlS:

First: One of the main reasons why Go4hosting remains a leading web hosting services is because of its untarnished reputation. It has been in this business for nearly two decades and continues to enjoy a steady and constantly growing clientele. It offers a huge range of hosting options, be it cloud hosting, colocation hosting, VPS hosting, email hosting etc. Go4hosting has also earned a lot of appreciation for being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. ZNetLive has also been around for more than 15 years.

This means it also own a relatively big client base and is capable of offering a high uptime and speed, affordable prices for their plans and good network security. CtrlS, on the other hand, has emerged as a trusted web hosting provider but its features are not world-class in nature, if one is to trust the customer testimonials and online reviews. This explains why it has so far been unable to get the top most position in the hosting services industry as it is lacking in performance and reliability.

Second: Another important reason why Go4hosting is considered to be more reliable and trustworthy is because it is able to adequately support bot the Linux and Windows operating systems. It is backed by fault-resilient Tier III data center facilities. These have state-of-the-art equipments and redundant network connections which ensure uninterrupted power supplies even if there are outages. So, Go4hosting can easily guarantee its clients a very high network uptime of 99.99%.

Third: Go4hosting has been around for long which is why it can also cater to customer interests and needs better. It has provided useful hosting plans for both businesses and individual clients. All its plans have been made keeping in mind the interests of the customer and it has come out with diverse products for different types of industries. ZNetLive on the other hand, tries to get new clients through offering them value-added services which are initially free of cost.

Fourth: Go4hosting has always deployed the most stringent measures possible to ensure that client data is well protected. They have firewalls which are easily customizable; clients are also free to install security arrangements as they feel necessary for data protection. Go4hosting uses many spam filters and anti-virus software to keep malicious software away from your inboxes. ZNetLive does offer free SSL certificates to customers together with their hosting plans. However, the firewalls are not strong enough t keep away threats of breaches. They have tried to woo new customers, but, in doing so, they have actually overlooked the need to secure the hosting plans that they have already offered to the existing customers. So, security is quite a big issue where the hosting plans from ZNetLive are concerned.

Fifth: When you choose Go4hosting plans, you can also be rest assured that you will get premium bandwidth and high-end hardware. Their servers are strong enough to handle websites which get a lot of traffic and perfect for sites which stream audio and video files. Go4hosting extends round-the-clock support which is miles ahead of companies like ZNetLive or CtrlS. It provides compartmentalized security zones which are totally fault-proof. The units are heavily guarded as they have biometric access controls. All their services and products have been thoroughly tested which is why they are made perfectly suitable for different types of business verticals. Being Microsoft Gold Certified Partner is the main reason why companies place their utmost faith in this provider.

As far as technical advantages go, Go4hosting ensures that it delivers end-to-end maintenance services. They take care of timely hardware upgrades, troubleshoot downtimes effectively and handle site traffic well. They also let new clients try out their services for free for a specific time period. Return value for clients investing in CtrlS however is not very impressive. While the plans may be affordable and effective, the domain features are not up-to-the-mark. CtrlS does indeed provide a high uptime guarantee and the data centers are equipped with advanced technologies and high-end servers. But, it lacks severely when it comes to customer service supports.

While Go4hosting is known for its VPS hosting plans, CtrlS offers virtualization platforms that are not too impressive. There are web links to restart or reboot the servers if needed, but when there is an issue, responses are delayed and problems take a while to get resolved. While the basic plans are quite good and apt for the smaller businesses, the resources typically fall short when sites need to expand later. It is here that CtrlS falls behind Go4hosting which offers fully scalable plans, ranging from their basic options to premium options.