How To Take Good Care Of Irish Sweaters

How To Take Good Care Of Irish Sweaters

It is said if you take care of something it will take care of you. So with the woolen Irish sweaters. As much as wool is durable, how well the sweater is taken care of greatly determines how long it will serve you.

Irish sweaters were in the days past designed for fishermen. Nowadays they are an integral part of the Irish outfit. The well designed sweaters come in many different fantastic styles and depending on individual preference, there is a wide variety to choose from.

The woolen sweaters are very warm. The thick layer of wool traps the heat between the body and the sweater, so with a good sweater you can comfortably beat the cold Irish winters.

The sweater must be taken good care of if it is to maintain the fashionable look for long. These are the dos and the don’ts as regards Irish wool sweater.

Foremost, check the label that comes with sweater. The label tags contain manufacturer’s care instructions like how to wash, detergents to use and how drying is to be done. Read, understand and follow the instructions if you are to get the best out of your sweater.

For many sweaters, hand washing is recommended. Unless otherwise stated in the label, hand wash the sweater. Wash in cold or warm water and with the wool-friendly detergents recommended in the label. Avoid washing with hot water as it causes the wool to shrink.

After washing, do not wring the sweater. Doing that could result in loss of shape. You need to be careful how you dry your sweater. Never dry your sweater in a dryer. Also, never hang your sweater. That will make it stretch and look oversize next time you wear it.

The best way to dry the sweater is to roll it in a dry towel, so that the towel sucks out water from the sweater. Then hang it on a flat mesh-like rack. If you don’t have one you can improvise. Good drying maintains the integrity of the sweater.

After the sweater has dried, storage comes next. Important note. Never store a dirty or damp sweater. A dirty sweater would attract moths while a wet sweater may lead to growth of molds and mildew, which come bad odor.

The sweater is folded well and placed in the storage bag. Some experts vouch for airtight vacuum bags while others are for breathable bags. Each side raises are strong points but the bottom line is to store the sweaters in cool and dry place. It’s not advisable to store your sweater hanging, it could stretch. Fold and store in a bag.

Have you observed those irritating tiny fluffs on your sweater? Irritating they are as they ruin the appearance of your good looking sweater. Don’t try pulling them out, you may ruin your sweater. Get a good de-pilling device and safely shave them off.

Another device you need for your sweater maintenance is the soft baby hairbrush. Use it to remove lint, hair particles, dandruff or other particles that may be lodged in your Irish sweater. Its softness is a plus as it is friendly to the fabric.

Another important way to take care of your Irish sweater is to do prompt repairs. For instance a small hole on the sweater if not sealed promptly could grow bigger to the point the sweater will no longer be wearable.

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